Feeling it… Heat, summer and the inspiration of Kates

There has been so much Kate of late I have taken to naming all of my work Kate and I expect there will be more before this Kate storm blows over. At least for me. I have been working as usual on my little masterpieces of flesh and spirit. They keep me busy. And the writing goes well, it is like a best friend that greets me in the mornings, I will miss this enough to start a new romance right away I think. I already have ideas.. all of them with the working title Kate. The heat is especially blanketing this summer. It’s everywhere. I am thinking of Iceland and Sweden and the Great North up above us. That is how I am staying frosty, a battle of northern designs waging against my usual french country yearnings.

Taking a few days off to read blogs and do some research. I was lost for hours in Design blogs today and The theme for Indian Summer and the whole next year is Butterflies.. they are sometimes Fairies you know. My last netflix dvd is the movie Fairy Tale: A true story. Harvey Keitel, is genius as Houdini, everyone in fact is amazing. You should watch it or rewatch it.

Royal Wedding post tommorow(ish). We had so much fun and it has been nonstop baking ever since April.




Summer reading, zombies and evil truths.

evil animal children

I have realized that all the wondergarden early waldorf training is true and I am at times just a horrid mom. My own mother was part Indian gypse grifter and the other part Scotts-Irish con woman. I myself am a self -absorbed artist type with to much education and to much spare time on my hands, as they say. Mabey not “Mommy dearest” but I am also not Olivia Walton (yet). I aspire to the levl of “momming” of the mom on Lost in Space. She had willful children but deep down they were peaches. Mine too. I have moments that I just want to scream at my children “What’s wrong with you?!?!”. Plus I get really crazy hormonal.

When I lived in California and the Santa Annas would come blasting through – you always felt a bit edgy. That is how I felt today…(and it is a bit windy).

I was hanging out the blankets to air them out before packing them away and it occured to me that my children are of my own making. I was still fuming at the tantrum episode the two of them (6 and 8 ) pulled while we went to the market for sloppy joe fixens and Pantene. It seems it was sample day and we went before lunch, after breakfast and my boy felt he needed many more samples of the deli pasta dish. Pouting because I said “No”, he was pressing his face against the glass of the frozen food pizzas and I snatched him by the ear to get his attention (after many come on’s) and he pulled back – and I pinched his ear instead of grasping it. I was already feeling like the worlds worst mother with spoiled out of control kids when he started to bawl like a two year old. My kids were always quite well behaved untill they started school. They are now of the minds that they are independant creatures with minds of their own and that their father and I are just there to make suggestions and mac-and-cheese.

“I hate you” my sweet boy said at the checkout. My six year old then said “Well I am being good right?” . This after fighting tooth and nail over who got to push the cart and grabbing everything in site to put into the cart – despite my saying ” Not today”.

No no no no no no. I just bagged everything in our World Market canvas totes and marched those kids out to the car and held my breath and tongue for the five minutes back to the house. I was so glad we had not walked today. Groceries carried into the house and then kids straight to their rooms so they could get busy cleaning them up.

My son came out of his room ‘I’m hungry”. my daughter next same thing. The teenager is at work or it would have been a trio of demands and needs not met.

Kids fed – sent outside to water and breathe, then back to their rooms. I began hanging out the blankets from their rooms. That is when it happened, when I realized my children are exactly reflections of who I am and what I have made them. Somewhere I have once again made them too independant ( my oldest is queen of that) and too sassy and hungry and argumentative. My baby girl is the sweetest child and truly a good girl. My oldest another girl – the same and though she is going through a mean streak of seperation,  I know who she is inside, all gravy and frosting.

My son though…I see he has some control issues. My evil truth is that I have not invested enough time with him on what is important – other than video games, math and science. I am stressing him out. I have to look deep inside to see this in me. In the beginning years at Waldorf we are trained to visit each family in their home setting to get a measure of who the family is and who the child is in the family. Each child. That is a lot of visits. After putting out the blankets to dry in the beautiful sun and with the glorious breeze I did a home visit to my own house. I looked at who I am as a mother and who these children are and where they are in the family and I see we need some work but we are all okay. We just need some fine tuning, some better organized rooms and not so much clutter, physically and mentally. To many video games and tellie.

Also, note to self … I need to never again take the kids to the store before they have had lunch and never after a marathon morning of Mario Cart on the Wii.


Everything is connecting or unconnecting to bring balance to our worlds. I forgot that for a moment.



The rest of the day we watered the garden and packed away more of winter, coats and heavy wool blankets and pillows, sweaters and toys. It is quiet and now and i have a moments of peace while they clean their rooms (or play). I ordered a  book on Amazon – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance – Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! (Paperback). I read the first few pages on amazon and laughed the whole time.  You have to read this – or of you have already please do share your thoughts. Thank you Charlaine for the referal!

Number one on the summer reading list – 09.


I am currently reading – Living Dead in Dallas, Movie night is tonight and sloppy joes are on the menue as is popcorn and junior mints.

My mood is : cautiously optomistic and pms-ee. I need a spa day.



All those opera lessons…

My daughter the Opera singer – has chosen to Waldorf home school for the last semester of High School.  She wanted to go straight to work – she sings at weddings and is busy doing voice overs. Sadly no interest in college which made me weep but it is her choice in the end. She plays the harp and is mean as a snake very stong, focused and independant. She is an excellent student of the arts, science and history. We have spent a small fortune over the years on music lessons. These kinds of investments pay off in many ways. I am hoping that our country will think of investing in our nations children in the same fashion.

She is moving to Japan this summer and I am so …..so beyond happy for her future. She wishes to study music and travel with her friends. Plan B is she is also studying to be a Pastery Chef (lucky us!!)

My treasure. No time for boys or nonsense and stupid frivolity – she is all music and poetry, anime and Korean pop stars – her friends also. A cult of good girls with lovely manners and a sense of community. Not interested in the latest fashion thing they can waste money on or how their hair and makeup look. Sort of high tech vegetarian hippies with robots and organic Kiss my face products.

She and her best friend also have this “major” crush on the Flight of the Concords – I mean “major” and on the weekends here it is folk song city and all about baking with giggly girls.


Major. The sweetness fills the air like a baby’s laughter. There is no greater sound…even when they get older. I am a lucky mum. I feel very braggy because I was listening to her songs and thinking how it is to be young and just starting the journey. Remember?

Ja Ma – Honoring the Goddess in her many forms.


Being gracious at all times…

Bran reminded me of something I ment to do this year. Which is being more gracious at all times. Easy to say – hard to do. It will get you far if you can master the gracious nature.

My dear husband game me a nice edition of the Zombie Survival Guide last year for my birthday. What I really always want is flowers and candy. I am well known for believing in Zombies and the living dead so he thought it was a cute, quarky gift. I thought it was … frankly a bit odd. Also my friends and I read this book when it came out a few years ago in our reading group and he did not seem to remember. Strike two. I was not gracious and really what would it have hurt to just love that he acknowledged my birthday and took the time to find a thoughtful gift.

Not amused.

I found it a bit to easy, walk into the Barnes and Noble, stumble around glassy eyed and pick up a zombie book. See, not being gracious already.

Actually upon thinking about it. Forget  being gracious. I have to put up with Crazy and I mean Crazy neurotic Girl Scout moms and very strange uber religious types all the time and my graciousness quota is growing thin. I need to save it for my kids and their teachers. My nana and aunties, the switch to DTV, the loss of Saturns rings and Masterpiece Theater, which made me cry and cry tonight watching http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/  Tess of the d’Urbervilles.

So gracious most of the time it is. Certainly up for teaching Zombies some manners.


Happy Birthday Jacob…

grimmon2Though my blog says it is Jan 5th for me in the Midwest it is still Jan 4th 7pm. and Jan. 4th is Jacob Grimm’s birthday and for me there is many a reason to rejoice in this day. As a child I loved reading Grimm’s fairy Tales – as much as Hans Christian Anderson’s lovely stories of brave children and harsh times. Edith Hamilton’s books on Mythology would round out my fantasy world and my parents were lucky if I came out of these imaginary lives for even a moment. I would sit in my club house closet or lay outside on the lawn under the oak trees and read all weekend till it was dark and sometimes with a candle or flashlight. My favorite stories were the ones of Princesses and of little brothers and sisters battling forces to save one another. National Geographic’s site on the Grimms Fairy Tales is truly a great tribute and lots of fun to do with or without kids. For my kids I have collected these books in Hardbound gold edged editions found for cheap on Amazon or at used book sales over the years.

January is a bleak time in the Northern Hem. the skies tend more towards grey. The air is crispsometimes biting, but there are many interesting things to do and people to celebrate. Here are some January Links for you and yours, mostly kid related.

The time of Brigid draws ever closer and in our Wiccan communities many of us scrub every inch of our houses from top to bottom with magical concocotions of natural cleansers and sacred salts preparing for Imbolic, myself included. No light task with the old man winter still howling through the cracks reminding us he is still here a bit longer. Whispery night winds move across the windows leaving behind their icey feathery songs.
MidWinter approaches and the days will be filled with school and making candles and soaps, taking down the Yule/Christmas décor and changing the focus towards the coming of Spring.
It is time to reach deep inside and reflect on the quiet Earth. Feel the bulbs reach out their roots and the trees dreaming – beginning to awake. Animals carrying their young soon to be born. The time of bonfires and goal setting. The lake move under its heavy coat of ice, the rivers shiver in their winter slumber.

It is has been a very nice Winter vacation filled with Wizard 101 and games for the kids and books and movies for mommy. I do feel the hope that is just over the horizon so many are yearning for. I do believe that this will be a wonderful year. Dear Jacob would love these times we live in. Like one of his stories we are moving through the days of fear and sorrow towards a softer time and a safer tommorow. I wish you all Happy Endings. May you live Happily Ever after. (Even you poor old witches – that’s another story for another day)


grimmfairytales7snowwhitethesevendw I do rather like the Zenescope comic book “retold” stories of the Grimm fairy Tales and I did like the recent movie though I do not care for Matt Damon one fig – I adore Heath Ledger and love love love Terry Gilliam, and Monica Bellucci whom I have had a huge crush on since the Matrix – she is my “perfect woman” in my imagination. Equal to her beauty is Guy Dyas’s amazing Production Design. grimms-brothers

Rest ye Merry

Midwinters Sleep











Happy Holidays to you!

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