Man ….I have missed blogging….

I have been addicted to Second Life, Moving….Painting and learning photography. I joined a Graffiti gang…lets see…moved, did I mention moving?  … Goddess I hate moving…I hope you have all been well…

my love from the front line.

I have completely forgotten how to do all this.

Evil tongued monsters ~

I read this today and it was very interesting. I really am working hard towards eliminating negative/toxic people from my personal space.

Hallucinating summer…adjust your tongue box…

The kids feel it.

I feel it. That madness that it is time to wear shorts and swimsuits and lay in the sun or run through the sprinkler. The plants are starting to blast out of their earthly gates and the weather is thinking about cooperating.

In the weekly classroom newsletter – one of the teachers made note that “we need to keep the children focused. It is not summer yet and a few more weeks of school are still ahead.”

My children told me that they are done with school now and that it is time for fun.

I could not agree more.

I have been trying to decide a few things. I am at a crossroads career wise and the “jumping off point” is at hand. A mere three weeks away from this very day and I will have started down a new path. The road has ended and there are three new paths opening up. Which to take…which to take. I haven’t got a clue. I am sure though it was Miss Scarlett in the library with the candlestick.




Have a great weekend!

Movie night this weekend is showcasing Robinson Crusoe on Mars.

We were thinking about Barbarella but the kids are to young. We did watch the evil children doll attack on you tube though…that terrified me at the drive in when I was a child, watching the movie from the back of the station wagon at the Drive in.


Let’s see, Laundry day and kitchen day and Pizza for the kids when they get home from school. I really do not want to go outside it is cold, but I have some blankets to hang on the “solar dryer”


Catherine Sherman  inspired a memory in me today –  my first panoramic photograph. It was framed and hung in the Bottenfields antique shop. They were friends of the family and did not mind me standing there for hours (I was six) enchanted by the people being baptised in the San Antonio river. These were the days when you could let your child stand and stare at something for hours while you shopped the flea market, or at least it was “pressumed” to be okay.  saved2

I looked up Panoramic photos at the library of congress between them and the Smithsonian they are the largest purchasers of old photographs in the world. Their collections are huge and being digitalized (yeah).

Jan of reminded me that I have not been to The Horror Fatale‘s website in way to long. I am writing a (scary) story and wanted to not be to influenced by all the fantastic horror. I think it has worked.

I have been working on Green Party ecology classes for businesses and my lecture on Rain gardens, Childrens Ecology Pods and just Books and Books. Gardening and Writing on the burners. Spring Break and Easter are coming up and I am looking forward to the down time. The week of Earth Day is my busy time and I have lectures or events almost everyday.

I have been watching alot of envio media and am way behind in postings, journaling and sketching. I brought out my dream journal to record dreams but always forget to jot them down till to late.

Have been listening to The Soprano’s (crazy) and reality tv  on E and Bravo (sick) or Masterpiece theater (lovely) while I work and we watched City of Ember on Family movie night. I love NPR but have not set up a stereo situation yet to listen to it through out the house. This week.

It’s hovering at 39degrees outside. What I really want to do is take a nap (or direct) either or. I think I need the Fussfreewife

 Sounds like a little bit of heaven.


Start with the cell phone and learn to tell a good story, mabey with puppets.

My youngest and I are convinced that if the world is plummeted into the dark ages that we will keep world history alive via oral tradition in story telling and puppetry.

Thursday, cold and windy, a little scary… but warm hearted.

This last one is a fav. a bit scary and hilarious at the same time. I think that reality is slowly becoming a “how you edit it” thing. I hope your internal editor is kind today and that your lighting people make you glow and look fabulous.


Ribbons and Laces and sweet pretty faces…

Dear Diary – (that anyone in the Universe could read if they so wanted)…
It has been a long February. Girl Scout meetings with the helpers from hell, Kiwanis Speech in a loud and busy restaurant where I was interrupted about ten times, seriously harshing my environmental mellow. Dickens papers to grade and poetry to teach, Snow to battle and economic crisis looming around every corner. The end of eras – no more L word or time spent alone.

The treaty negotiations between my other half and myself continues as to who is paying less quality attention at night to the children. We all know the answer to that one. Who is the video game addict in the house? (Hint – not me) but then I refuse to clean their rooms for them so I am neglectful also.
Bitter much? Indeed but I think every moment should be spent on making them better able to cope in life not teaching them to plug in and feed their desire for stimulation and distraction. Okay Diary moving on –

I have been fighting the winter doldrums and the white out snow effects on one’s eyes when you venture outside midafternoon and someone has absconded with your sunshades. Leaving you (me) blind for hours. It seems just evil that it should be so bright and yet so cold.

This month seems to be filled with things that can from one moment to the next make me burst into tears. Too much sun, not enough sun, Laundry left everywhere by everyone – but for only me to notice. I was not feeling very Valentiny. Was brought some delicious Starbucks and a card. Kids and I got lovely roses last week (I hate to spend money on roses during the big rush it just seems crazy so Seraph always brings them early). My little one was sick last week at the first of the school week and there was much throwing up on the carpet. Hand scrubbing and carpet shampoo-ed. More dishes than usual and I swear I am hearing bears breathing outside the windows at night. No not feeling the whole “Bliss filled be mine” sentiment.

But then last week helping the little ones with their amazing valentine creations that they would be sharing on their Friday the 13th party – I started to tear up realizing I perhaps had one more year of getting to help them, glue and color and trim – even purchase Valentine tokens for their classmates. I soaked in the moment and let Valentines wash over me. I opened to the spirit of Hallmark and chocolates.

My little boy is also having a hard time of it this year. Whereas he was very popular last year with girls in his class and even gave a few who adored him actual jewelry ( vintage rings and necklaces from my old shop), this year he is suffering with being labeled “disgusting”. It’s not just him, other boys are meeting the same fate as the dominate second grade girls decide they no longer can tolerate boys and that they want nothing to do with them. My dearest boy though is still in the liking girls’ mode and is at a loss as to why he can no longer play kickball with his good friends and why they would choose not to sit with him at lunch. I find the whole thing heartbreaking and the Valentines party was no better – obviously all parents making out Valentines so that no one would be left out – as is standard operating procedure. The girls were very haughty and stuck to themselves.

I tried to remember this time for my oldest – but she still liked boys and had mostly boy friends in our neighborhood. Being a Tom boy it was not until fifth grade that the boy hatred sank in and only seemed to last that one year.

My littlest still adores boys and they are adorable, kind and cute, small and quiet. Their valentines made out in their little six and seven year old hand. Her party was a whole different world and That is the magic of First grade. They are still equals and still kind.

I told my son that it will not be like this forever – the girls being so angry and annoyed with the boys. In fact there will be a time when he might even wish they were not paying quite so much attention to him. I doubt it, but I could tell that made him feel better. We seem to just have a batch of incredibly aggressive and hostile girls this year in his class. About half the parents are divorced. This is the same in my Girl Scout troop and it keeps me on my toes with all the politics and the maneuvering between parents – the political correctness and keeping each parent equally involved. Meetings and events can be so stress filled. I have first graders and we have group meetings with Boy scouts their ages –around four times a year, Green Party nature outings. I plan on everyone getting along and treating each other with respect. Even if they are sticky and pick their nose and sneeze and are really loud and push to get up front “Puppy dog tails” I tell the girls, snips and snails and we will get along with the boys.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of. So everything nice it is.

I think it’s time for a new telling of that Nursery Rhyme.

So diary dear till the next holiday, I will say thank you for helping me to remember.

Everything just sounds better with a British accent.

My kids and I have been following with great interest all the snow storms over Europe. My Wisconsin Snow Boy was nonplussed but then said “now they see what we live with everyday”…and my little girl noted “yeah, but everything sounds better with a British accent”.

Here, here…I agree.

What year is it really…



Again, inspired by a PBS show – about the Wise men from the tale of the Magi – I was wondering  just what year it is really. For some of my people – the Cherokee for instance – it is 2009 on Thursday because our treaty with the occupying government says so. Who are we to argue – give us our government cheese, I mean casinos.


The ownership of time like the ownership of land belonged to all the people and time was counted in our children’s steps and laughter. The seasons and the harvests kept the time. The music and the rhythms of life were very simple. For the Celts and my German ancestors same thing – whole different calendar than either of the Julian or Gregorian calendars with their own rituals and symbols and battles between bureaucratic errand boys. Then there are the Druids – Merlin would know I am sure of it.  Witches have their own ideas –Nature is the keeper of the calendar. So even if I embrace the spirit of Jesus – the calendar has still been jacked around by people seeking to serve their own purposes most of it having to do with taxes and money and as usual the poor. Ja ma.

China has its own thing going on Happy New Year for our comrades comes on January 26th ( year of the Ox -Brown Earth Cow) their calendar was  created by Emperor Huangdi in the year 2637 B.C.E, so it is the 4706th Chinese year. People in Africa and in the Amazon and India all have their own take on how to measure the passage of time and Mungo Man of Australia dates back some 40,000 years. (The Mungo Lady story would make a fabulous story if one of you writers is looking for something mythic and cool). The various religions also have their take on what year it is – cannot even imagine what the higher levels of Sciencetology and Pana Wave laboratories thinks and I will wager that in the none-to-distant future someone will go messing with the whole counting of the years again, Orwellian Style.  The atheists I am sure have a thought or two on this as well. The Illuminati  runs the whole thing anyway (so let them think) but truly I love that in the end it will be Nature who says what is what and she keeps time in her own way. Control her you may try, woo her and trick her and put her off.  Better hope you have a space ship…so then…What year will it be? Will the Aliens change things again?

I asked my kids what year it is going to be and they say it is 2009 and pushed to explain it more they said it was really year one million and that all time started with the Jurassic period and Pokémon ships.  Then some dancing broke out and someone got to wild and hit the other one with their knee – crying and madness. It is stop the madness year and calm down thank you very much sorry to bring it up  (to much chocolate milk and pizza lately) . We’ve got some work to do in the next few days –will make some charts and graphs and some dioramas perhaps. Puppet shows with dinos. Good times.

Of course there are always these scary thoughts ….one for you HF – this movie terrified me as a child beyond reason because Satanists were just a sect of Christianity, real witches do not believe in a Satan. That Myth belongs to the sons of Abraham and they are running most of the world.





I love all things British and Robots and cats.


and I just love this video Cat on Roomba

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