Fly like an Eagle…or nest, that’s okay too.

In my own nest we  have been obsessing over the Decorah Eagle Cam, the Bald Eagle nest where a mated couple of Eagles are attempting to raise a family of three little Eaglets and it is beyond interesting with the wind noise and the little Eaglets popping out from time to time out from under mom and dad. 

There is a huge following too.. Schools, Nature groups, average Jills and Joes. Someone should get them a sponsor and feed all the money to Nature Conservancy.

I have been working on a Sci-fi story about Globilization and shared Mythology. It is brutal and reminds me that the biggest monsters most of the time are just humans with a bit of lust and greed.

The world grows smaller as our dreams grow larger and more desirious.

I always think of Zardoz for some reason when thinking of globilization or the now banned in China –  The Time Machine by H G Wells.

The globilization of politics and fashion and materials usage and the wars that will come between the consumer and the corporation. It’s something to think about. Shared wars and the profits from these campaigns are becoming the standard. We don’t even blink or notice most of the time that we are spending billions on these things. Time keeps on slipping….

I loved the Youtube movie First Orbit I hope you got a chance to watch it.

Globilization is not a bad thing depending on who is in control of the big blue marble… The people, or the corporations… They are not, one in the same.

Simply not logical – Star Trek Spoilers!!!
Space Shuttle is off and it is throttle up.
I have been very busy, this is the busy season for me.
Hope you had a wonderful Mothers day. I’ll need to do some catching up on the blogoshere as to what has been happening with my muses.
Saw Star Trek yesterday. A definate treat. If you have not seen it please do not read on….
What the …. ???????
Blow up Vulcan???? Are you mad you crazy Klingon loven writers????? I mean really what the heck????
Great movie but really….what? I’m sorry….No…..Not logical.
All ends in music and merry skipping along. See you next movie.
WHAT???????? Are you all INSANE?
Hey lets just blow up Vulcan. We dont need that planet in the mythology, the Vulcans served their purpose in moving the story along.

I need a few minutes in a room with those writers and a lipau mu’yor. I did not blow up Romulus why on earth would the writers, producers and the craft service people (obviously who serve krada leg and Rokeg blood pie no doubt next to the twinkies) make me watch then blow up Vulcan. Thanks alot Nero.
You all better hope that Bad Spock doesn’t find out what you have done. Oh I am so not happy about this.


The Future of food legislation

I am a firm supporter of organics and organic milk. I see no reason to feed my children hormone and antibiotic soaked products that only benefit the factory farmer’s need to produce more product.

I want to make sure that I know what is in the food that I feed to my family.

Laws work both ways, yet, they protect and serve corporations more and more – rather than the consumer and if you are not aware what is going on you will end up with only “food like substances”, rich in money for corporations but not in nutrition for the people.

With US states exporting their products all over the world and to other states it is possible that consumers will be sold products that are not labeled with the specifics as to the genetic modifications and bio-gen-antibiotics that are now entering our food streams. Be aware as a consumer where your food is coming from and really what is in it and how it arrives to us.

I think that milk – like water is a hot bed of controversy – we do not need milk or milk products but we want it, so be aware of what you are buying. Cheese, butter, yogurt, milk in all of it’s forms has become a huge part of the human diet in most of the industrialized world. The farmers diet of old is now mainstreamed – It has not always been that way – the issues at hand are more than if our milk is organic and wholesome.

This is about creating laws that benefit corporations at the expense of the people. This is a milk line poured in the sand. The laws that will govern the future are created now and everyday. You need to be aware. Milk and cheese in schools is becoming a very big issue. Do you really know what is in your child’s milk at school or what was in your coffee this morning?
I have a lot of friends who will not even touch milk or animal products, have not for a long time. We may be going that way if there is no change in the industrial standards of treatment of the animals that we are using for our wants. We must be merciful consumers if we are to use animals at all.

This is just one issue in this whole new world of corporations using laws to make us consume their products. The future is our responsibility.

Tell Governor Sebelius you want to know how your milk is produced!
Last week, despite strong citizen and farmer opposition, the Kansas State Legislature passed a bill that would limit a farmer’s right to tell their customers whether they produce milk without the genetically engineered hormone, rBGH.
Kansas House Bill 2121 specifies that dairy products promoted as being produced by cows that don’t receive injections of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) include a potentially misleading disclaimer stating there are no significant differences between milk from cows that are injected with rBGH and cows that are rBGH-free. The “no differences” statement is based on an 18-year-old FDA review of rBGH; however, FDA’s own publications, as well as subsequent scientific studies have shown that there are significant differences, some of which may affect human health.
We share the opinion of the Consumers Union that “HB 2121 puts unnecessary obstacles in the way of consumers getting the information they want, restricts free speech rights of dairies and processors, and interferes with the smooth functioning of free markets.”
This Kansas bill has a national impact because national and regional brands will be forced to either produce separate labels, or simply stop labeling milk without the hormone as rBGH-free. What’s more, if the labeling rule stands in Kansas it can happen in other states too.
Please take a moment to contact Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius before April 16 and urge her to veto HB 2121. Sibelius is President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, which houses the Food and Drug Administration. Let’s remind her to protect consumers’ right to know as her final act as Governor before heading to Washington.
Governor Sebelius could sign as soon as Thursday (April 16), so contact her today!
Send a Message at the Center for Food Safety:
Or sign the petition at Food & Water Watch:
Learn more about rBGH and labels
Thanks for all your support for family farmers, informed consumer choices, and a sustainable future for all!
The Farmers and Staff of Organic Valley Family of Farms

Read more newspapers –

G-20 protesters break into Royal Bank of Scotland – No Joke Jolly Good Blokes.

The love of money and all that (root of evil).  Nobody can protest like the Brits. Unless you want to count the Anti-World Trade Movement peeps. A great Movie if you have not seen it is – Battle in Seattle  Directed by Stuart Townsend, who is turning into a fine director.

The G-20 protests are just getting started and I wish them all the luck in their peaceful protest against the coming darkness. I do believe that the(*Evil bad) Bankers, Usery merchants (Credit Cards) and Insurance Fraud pushers will all have their special places in hell.

Always inspiring. I would answer this call warning of the Zombies of death, and oh yes…I live by the river.

I adore the lovely Lilly Allen.

Newspapers dying. A whole generation that cannot hold a conversation unless it includes staring at their phone. I still have hope. I have met a few lately that can actually close their phone and want to plant a garden. Learn a little about printing won’t you? The end of the information age is being born at the same time as the boom of information available at your fingertips. Everything and nothing that you ever wanted to know – electronically sent to you.

And what happens when the lights go out eh?




Its all bollocks – death to the Zombie banks! Let them die.




Mr. Splashy Pants, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and wtf are we doing to our world?

First let me just say it is not just Japan, Iceland and Norway. The USA has some nasty business going on too and if you have time and the inclination, write a letter a poem, a blog post, paint a painting, make a quilt, a cake or just a ruckuss. This cannot happen on our watch. We cannot let whales be hunted in great numbers again.

I just want to also point out that said nations are suffering some nasty times. Coincidence? I think not. Notice the first part is “Coin”. I am thinking Nature is starting to pull the plug there pirates. Lets help her along shall we. Give voice to end this disgusting symptom of corruption, greed and evil.

It is good to see Green Peace alive and well and thriving. I am in full support of them getting better tech than the whalers and the creepy oil tankers need to be done as well. Where are all the solar powered ships and the submarines? I would like to see our Navy become involved in the protection of the Oceans and her creatures.

“Whaling is the illegal practice of whale hunting for commercial purposes. The practice has been prevalent since the *16th century and was condemned and declared illegal after five of the thirteen big whales were found to be endangered. In spite of this ban, Japanese ships are reported to have killed five whales in the Southern ocean.
The incidence has occurred even as Australian foreign minister Stephen Smith discussed the issue of whaling with his Japanese counterpart, Masahiko Komura in a meeting held between the two. During the meeting Mr. Smith is said to have strongly opposed Japanese whaling programs and Mr. Komura seemed to support him in his talks. According to a spokesman,  During the meeting the two countries have agreed to disagree on this issue. This whaling incident took place when Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd ships had to inevitably return to refuel their vessels in Australia. Taking advantage of the situation five whales in the Southern Ocean were killed. The executive director of Sea Shepherd Kim McCoy who was on board the Steve Irwin ship describes the incidence as ‘incredibly frustrating’.  

Source: Brisbane times

* My research shows that families in Japan have historically hunted whales even before the 13th century – and much like the Native Americans in Alaska (Inuit) it was a village tradition that was season specific and highly ritualized , they did not factory farm the whales in huge killing machines, they were matched with whales spear and spout. The rights of indiginious peoples to practice their religious connections to the land are not being discussed this posting – it is the large scale factory illegal farming that I am protesting. If the tools evolve then there needs to be an understanding that the rules have changed. Nature will not tolerate the strip mining for long and will eventually step in and give some penalties.


Image: Greenpeace

I have never ceased to be amazed at the avarice of whale hunters..And that whole “research” sign on the hunter ship is just sick. The Japanese government allowing/claiming research on whales only to kill them, slice them up on the sly and sell their meat is beyond reasonable. When they have signed treaties to end the hunting of whales – which are intelligent ancient mammals – they need to stick to their word.

Very bad Karma.

Obviously the Japanese, Icelandic, USA and Norwegian, (and other) Ministers are corrupt and need to watch Star Trek the Voyage Home about a million times. Like the world does not have enough corruption.

An alternative use for these hunter ships could be deep ocean research with robots – technology and power used for good not evil.  They could lease their boats to (non-evil) scientific teams and explore the ocean and develop even better GPS – Aqua robotic sensor environments for the purpose of underwater houses and agro deep sea farming – large kelp beds. Huge money in this. Much more than tuna or whales – I am proposing the use of (non-evil) technology and the great fortunes to be made on the development and capture of patents and product. How’s that boys? Swimming in cash and not killing anything!  Finding a Green and non-invasive way to build in the deep oceans will make whatever government(s) pioneering this tech, wealthy beyond reason – not even going to mention the ancillary Space research you could get in on with such technologies or the cool t-shirts you could sell made out of organic kelp. So let’s leave the fish and the whales alone and evolve. Take it to the next step Boys and all the Ships at sea. Looks like it is time for a new Moby Dick movie, mabey Old School Japanes style with a modern GreenPeace twist.  

Or…..if you like…if you insist…

We could go all GMO – human DNA mixed with killer whales and even the battle out a bit.


Science rules – killers of whales drool.

I grew up watching the amazing Jacques-Yves Cousteau and our Under Sea World. We need these programs much more than reality TV and tmz. We need to realize again what is important.

leviathan_final and it is not killing whales.

Interested in other opinions on whaling?

And you have to see this page to realize the full scope of Government involvment for the Japanese. (Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research) (great article on Icelandic pick-up of whaling to “save” their economic situation)  (Norway on Whaling)

Animal Planet – Mother Jones article – (wow)

March 8th International Women’s Day – plan ahead.

There is a saying that goes – “Educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a community. For women become mothers and raise children who will in turn change for the better their worlds.”

I believe that men too can have a great impact on their children but there really is nothing that can compare to the influence of a good and loving mother. There is nothing that can compare to a good man who honors women – their wives and their mother’s and especially their daughters and even  co-workers. Let us raise such women (and men who honor them) and change the face of our world. I truly believe you can most tell the spirit and focus of a nation on how they treat their women.

Everyone can save the planet.

Top 100 science stories of 2008 Discover magazine.

I broke two fingers the other day on my typing and ice cream pint opening hand. (Broke at Storage between the car door and the wall, ouched little kids style.)

My Peace fingers.

Have been just organizing and reading a lot and will get caught up soon.

Loved reading all these articles. We have come so far and yet have so much longer to travel. May your journey be one of peace and inspiration.

Mixed hope…

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


     By Lily-Therese “Sacred Dove”

Oh Great Spirit, Our Father, whose breath of Life we experience in every direction of our great nations, hear us. Great Spirit whose voice we hear in silence and in the roar of thunder, listen to our prayers for World Peace. We come to you as the children of all great nations; in love, faith, trust, and unity.

Father Sky bring us warm rains of cleansing waters. Give us clouds with silver linings and the ability to cope during the wind’s of change and uncertainty. Mother Earth bring us an abundance of food to feed all the nations. Give us a bountiful harvest to nourish those that walk on two legs, those that walk on four legs, those that fly, swim and crawl. Grandfather Sun, shine brightly on all nations. Grandmother Moon light our way in times of darkness.

Creator of all great nations bless all of your creations, sky eagle and tiny ant, great bear and majestic mountains, winding rivers and powerful oceans, rain forest and desert sands, mighty trees and green valleys, fish in the seas and birds in the air, tricky coyote, and peaceful dove.

Bless the weak, the hungry, the lonely, and the homeless. Bless the poor and the rich, the mighty and the fearful. Give us strength to fight the powers of darkness. Give us hope in times of depression, faith in times of fear, and a joyful loving heart. Give us healing in spite of our negative emotions and love to replace all hate.

Great Spirit, Light of the World, bless all of the Great Nations and bring peace and harmony to our universe. Heal, bless, prosper, and unite All Nations through the power of Your unconditional Love.


So must it be.

I have mixed hope today as we begin this new Journey. I feel the joy and desire and the shedding of skin that so many in our nation are feeling. I get that Obama is a one man stimulus package and that so many are so liberated on this day of days. I still though feel just a little empty, mabey by the end of the day it will be better and I will get caught up in the waves of hope and speratus.

My little children are filled with the belief and the faith of change. My Son has been a huge Obama fan since day one, as was my teen. My youngest is all Native American and a Green Party witch like her mother. My husband – King of the proletariats and busker hater finds the whole Obama experience a bit over the top “Hollywood”, he is disgusted by the commercialization of a sacred transfer of power.  I think he is secretly happy and hopeful, but must remain gruff for the sake of the children and realistic expectaions. He did not diss the homemade apple cinnamon bundt cake.

I do not hide the fact of my dissapointment over once again no woman as Commander in Chief but I know our time will come and I celebrate the overwhelming Joy that people are feeling. It will be different, I am just not sure how much. The Masks are different and there is Historical Precedence. The world may indeed for a time see America as being or becoming a different animal. Time will tell. Ghandi said “You must be the change” You. No one man can save us, not even you Bono though I am willing for you to try.

I think this is my favorite blog right now and you might enjoy living the experience through her eyes. 

Tayari Jones a brilliant writer and a lovely woman inside and out. For her I am happy. For my children who still are filled with hope and delight and believe all things good are possible.

If the People lead the leaders will follow. Stop War Stop War now.

I watched the little girls at our Girl Scout Winter Dance tonight and I kept thinking — Why can’t all children be this happy and safe and carefree. It does not make sense all this War. I was thinking of all the wars and the children huddled in fear. Our children here in homeless shelters and sleeping on the streets or in their cars. It does not make any sense. War. Poverty, Suffering.

It is just evil, anytime you are killing children the answer should be no.

It is up to you. It’s up to me. All of us. Waking up.

We need to figure out how to stop wars in our lifetime. Mabey a giant dance party? Robots? Zomies? Communal Mind to stop letting corporations rule our world? Aliens? There has to be an answer…It is a war not just between countries but for the hearts and minds and souls of human kind. Even our very future of the species.

Let me know if you come up with anything.

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