Theo Jansen’s amazing life like sculptures.


Sound Sculpture.

I love these and would love to have an installation at the Fox River Sanctuary.


Mr. Splashy Pants, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and wtf are we doing to our world?

First let me just say it is not just Japan, Iceland and Norway. The USA has some nasty business going on too and if you have time and the inclination, write a letter a poem, a blog post, paint a painting, make a quilt, a cake or just a ruckuss. This cannot happen on our watch. We cannot let whales be hunted in great numbers again.

I just want to also point out that said nations are suffering some nasty times. Coincidence? I think not. Notice the first part is “Coin”. I am thinking Nature is starting to pull the plug there pirates. Lets help her along shall we. Give voice to end this disgusting symptom of corruption, greed and evil.

It is good to see Green Peace alive and well and thriving. I am in full support of them getting better tech than the whalers and the creepy oil tankers need to be done as well. Where are all the solar powered ships and the submarines? I would like to see our Navy become involved in the protection of the Oceans and her creatures.

“Whaling is the illegal practice of whale hunting for commercial purposes. The practice has been prevalent since the *16th century and was condemned and declared illegal after five of the thirteen big whales were found to be endangered. In spite of this ban, Japanese ships are reported to have killed five whales in the Southern ocean.
The incidence has occurred even as Australian foreign minister Stephen Smith discussed the issue of whaling with his Japanese counterpart, Masahiko Komura in a meeting held between the two. During the meeting Mr. Smith is said to have strongly opposed Japanese whaling programs and Mr. Komura seemed to support him in his talks. According to a spokesman,  During the meeting the two countries have agreed to disagree on this issue. This whaling incident took place when Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd ships had to inevitably return to refuel their vessels in Australia. Taking advantage of the situation five whales in the Southern Ocean were killed. The executive director of Sea Shepherd Kim McCoy who was on board the Steve Irwin ship describes the incidence as ‘incredibly frustrating’.  

Source: Brisbane times

* My research shows that families in Japan have historically hunted whales even before the 13th century – and much like the Native Americans in Alaska (Inuit) it was a village tradition that was season specific and highly ritualized , they did not factory farm the whales in huge killing machines, they were matched with whales spear and spout. The rights of indiginious peoples to practice their religious connections to the land are not being discussed this posting – it is the large scale factory illegal farming that I am protesting. If the tools evolve then there needs to be an understanding that the rules have changed. Nature will not tolerate the strip mining for long and will eventually step in and give some penalties.


Image: Greenpeace

I have never ceased to be amazed at the avarice of whale hunters..And that whole “research” sign on the hunter ship is just sick. The Japanese government allowing/claiming research on whales only to kill them, slice them up on the sly and sell their meat is beyond reasonable. When they have signed treaties to end the hunting of whales – which are intelligent ancient mammals – they need to stick to their word.

Very bad Karma.

Obviously the Japanese, Icelandic, USA and Norwegian, (and other) Ministers are corrupt and need to watch Star Trek the Voyage Home about a million times. Like the world does not have enough corruption.

An alternative use for these hunter ships could be deep ocean research with robots – technology and power used for good not evil.  They could lease their boats to (non-evil) scientific teams and explore the ocean and develop even better GPS – Aqua robotic sensor environments for the purpose of underwater houses and agro deep sea farming – large kelp beds. Huge money in this. Much more than tuna or whales – I am proposing the use of (non-evil) technology and the great fortunes to be made on the development and capture of patents and product. How’s that boys? Swimming in cash and not killing anything!  Finding a Green and non-invasive way to build in the deep oceans will make whatever government(s) pioneering this tech, wealthy beyond reason – not even going to mention the ancillary Space research you could get in on with such technologies or the cool t-shirts you could sell made out of organic kelp. So let’s leave the fish and the whales alone and evolve. Take it to the next step Boys and all the Ships at sea. Looks like it is time for a new Moby Dick movie, mabey Old School Japanes style with a modern GreenPeace twist.  

Or…..if you like…if you insist…

We could go all GMO – human DNA mixed with killer whales and even the battle out a bit.


Science rules – killers of whales drool.

I grew up watching the amazing Jacques-Yves Cousteau and our Under Sea World. We need these programs much more than reality TV and tmz. We need to realize again what is important.

leviathan_final and it is not killing whales.

Interested in other opinions on whaling?

And you have to see this page to realize the full scope of Government involvment for the Japanese. (Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research) (great article on Icelandic pick-up of whaling to “save” their economic situation)  (Norway on Whaling)

Animal Planet – Mother Jones article – (wow)

the matrix has you…

Obey me and live…

Oh now I can not stop thinking about this – thanks alot MD… I have always wanted to do the remake of this movie. It would just rock so big. Now it can be done with so much more content and a whole webpage for World Control. I love the whole tying programs (Hero’s, TrueBlood, Harry Potter) to the net – books, movies, TV, Radio, phones….its everywhere. You will not be able to unplug at some point soon.
It occurs to me at some point we won’t even see the President himself just his virtual representation on the video feeds. What more could Robot overlords want? This stuff just writes itself.
The trilogy of books (DF Jones author and out of print the lot of them) are amazing. My favorite being Colossus and the Crab oh they are just so worth finding if you can. I hear Ron Howard optioned the rights awhile ago…we’ll see.

Infinity theory



I always heard it was twelve monkeys then a hundred monkeys but then it became an ifinite army of monkeys….
This parable of the Monkeys and their creativity goes back years – I have found French references to this theory dating back to:
Borel, 1913
… Concevons qu’on ait dressé un million de singes à frapper au hasard sur les touches d’une machine à écrire et que, sous la surveillance de contremaîtres illettrés, ces singes dactylographes travaillent avec ardeur dix heures par jour avec un million de machines à écrire de types variés. Les contremaîtres illettrés rassembleraient les feuilles noircies et les relieraient en volumes. Et au bout d’un an, ces volumes se trouveraient renfermer la copie exacte des livres de toute nature et de toutes langues conservés dans les plus riches bibliothèques du monde. Telle est la probabilité pour qu’il se produise pendant un instant très court, dans un espace de quelque étendue, un écart notable de ce que la mécanique statistique considère comme la phénomène le plus probable…
Émile Borel, “Mécanique Statistique et Irréversibilité,” J. Phys. 5e série, vol. 3, 1913, pp.189-196.

The whole Monkey thing still gets me – the theory that if you put an infinite number of monkeys into a space with infinite numbers of typewriters for an infinite amount of time and that they would come up with Shakespeare’s collected works is often attributed to Thomas Huxley, a 19th-century disciple of Charles Darwin— and supported in an essay by William Dembski
“Let me put it this way. Huxley’s example presupposes an
Intelligence familiar with the works of Shakespeare. At the
same time Huxley wants to demonstrate that random processes,
the typing of monkeys, can account for the works of
Shakespeare. Thus Huxley’s example is supposed to show that
the works of Shakespeare can be accounted for apart from the
person of Shakespeare. Huxley wants it both ways. An
intelligence must be on hand to know when the monkeys have
typed Hamlet, and yet Hamlet is to stand in need of no
author. This is known as having your cake and eating
it. Polite society frowns on such obvious bad taste.”


The theory starts now to define even the existence of a “communal consciousness” or God. The theory in its onion like layers begs to be taken further into debate as to the very intention of why it would be necessary to even have monkeys reproduce Shakespeare. What starts out as a little evolutionary joke becomes almost sinister in its theory.

No proof of this literary mathematical theorem exists before Huxley – it seems to reach back into time but must coincide with the invention of the Typewriter. Were there typewriters in Huxley’s time (4 May 1825 – 29 June 1895)? Yes the Mass marketed Typewriter was invented by E. Remington & Sons who moved from Ilion, NY from 1874-1878 to right here in Wisconsin to mass produce their diabolical creation (there were writing machines before this time but not available for purchase). There was a patent fight with Edison but that is a different story. There has been access to Monkeys going back to the Romans so clues lie with the Typewriter – now the story takes on a technological overtone . No typewriters = no infinite theory. Technology=Infinity. We are getting dangerously close to Robot Typewriter Overlords now.

There are the theoretical computations of the Monkey Shakespeare question – Nick Hoggard, a British computer programmer living in Sweden, decided to put the theory to the test.
Hoggard designed “The Monkey Shakespeare Simulator,” (which can no longer be found online) to find out how many lines of Shakespeare a group of hypothetical simians could come up with if given a limitless amount of time.
“I got the idea from the SETI@home software, which examines radio waves for signs of extraterrestrial life,” Hoggard says. “I thought I would apply the same idea to examine random rubbish that monkeys type for signs of Shakespeare.”
Rubbish indeed it is my feeling that his site was taken down by the government – something very fishy about monkey simulators – army applications no doubt with monkeys as warriors with guns, or poetic mind powers. Very Planet of the Apes.

But there is a lighter side to all this.

Comedian Bob Newhart had a stand-up routine in which a lab technician monitoring an “infinitely many monkeys” experiment discovered that one of the monkeys has typed something of interest. A typical punch line would be: “Hey, Harry! This one looks a little famous: ‘To be or not to be — that is thegrrdnm zsplkt.
The very concept of infinity is as mind boggling as the concept of zero. I truly believe there can be no zero. It is impossible for nothing to exist in a space – there is always something, even the thought of something if indeed “thoughts” have energy – you are then thinking of something and zero again cannot exist. Can there be an infinite number of things? It is the infinite improbability drive in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy that saves Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect from certain death by asphyxiation in deep space after being thrown out of the Vogon ship; the improbable odds against being rescued being two raised to the power of the Islington (London) flat phone number where Arthur had met Tricia McMillan, aka Trillian, who is aboard the Heart of Gold with Zaphod Beeblebrox. Incidentally, Adams explained in the annotated volume of the original radio scripts that it was the eviction of Arthur and Ford out the space lock of the Vogon ship that led to his own “invention” of the Infinite Improbability Drive. Adams realized that he had worked the story into a dead end, thinking in frustration that the only solutions would be “infinitely improbable.” In a flash of insight and what Adams called “mental jujitsu”, the Infinite Improbability Drive was born.
In the third book, the Infinite Improbability Drive is discovered to be the Golden Bail of Prosperity in the Wikkit Gate. It is stolen by the white Krikkit robots, however, it was returned and the Heart of Gold returned to operational status.
An earlier attempt at using the improbability drive, Starship Titanic, was also mentioned. In theory, the infinite improbability drive would make it infinitely improbable that anything would go wrong. It was not successful, however, ending in a “Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure.” This was because, in these earlier times when the nature of improbability was less well understood, it was not appreciated that any event that is infinitely improbable will, by definition, “occur almost immediately.”

I do not believe that Massive Existence Failure could ever happen. I also think that it is time to update the Monkey theorem to modern times.
Only one Genetically Cloned Altered Monkey on one computer could create the works of Shakespeare. Where is Shakespeare buried again? And our monkey….his name is William of course.
GCAM + technology = infinity
The future is ours…


Can you hear me now?

Requiem for a Robot: Mars Probe Dies
November 10, 2008 9:52 AM

(Updated 4:00 p.m EST) Marsphoenixnasa_2

Phoenix Mars Lander, the plucky little ship that was sent to land in the Martian Arctic in May, has fallen silent.

A source at NASA confirmed it this afternoon, and mission managers talked about it at a teleconference. In the frozen twilight (-140 degrees F) of autumn on Mars, its solar panels could no longer gather enough power to recharge its batteries. This was expected. The mission was planned to last three months; it kept going for five.

“It’s rather tough living up north of the Arctic Circle, and we knew the end was coming,” said Barry Goldstein, the mission manager. “It’s been a great mission.”

The ship sent its last signal on November 2. Engineers programmed two ships in Martian orbit to listen for signals as they passed over the landing site every two hours, but in addition to the cold and diminishing sunlight, the lander’s solar panels had apparently been coated in red dust by a sandstorm on Mars.

Controllers say they will keep listening for about three more weeks, but they say they will be surprised if they hear anything more.

Phoenix confirmed what scientists suspected but had not seen until now, that there was water ice, in large quantities, just beneath the Martian soil. The ship’s digging arm scraped away enough dirt to expose the ice, and then its cameras showed it sublimating — vaporizing — in the thin Martian air.

“Phoenix has been an excellent exploration into uncharted territory,” said Doug McCuistion, director of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. “Phoenix provided an important step to spur the hope that we can show Mars was once habitable and possibly supported life.”

The probe did not settle questions of whether there could be liquid water in the Martian soil And it had some trouble analyzing soil samples for evidence of organic molecules, the building blocks of life. The total cost of the project, NASA said, was about $475 million in the seven years since the mission was proposed.

Over at Wired, knowing this day would come, Alexis Madrigal and his cohorts decided to sponsor an epitaph contest — and they struck a nerve. We humans seem to like our robots. More than 900 people sent in entries. A lot of them are funny, some are touching, and with few exceptions they’re very clever. Almost nobody wrote, “Here lies the Phoenix Mars Lander….”

The winning entry, by readers’ vote, came from a South African man named Graham Vosloo: “Veni, vidi, fodi. (I came, I saw, I dug).” Readers also liked, “So long and thanks for all the ice,” and “It is enough for me. But for you, I plead: go farther, still.”

The entire list has been posted as a Google spreadsheet; find it here
. “I was a better use of your tax dollars than a bank bailout,” wrote one wag. You may also like “DO NOT DISASSEMBLE.”

Most of the entries are in the first person, and all are under 140 characters — the limit inspired by the Twitter page the lander kept. (Open secret: the page was actually kept up by Veronica McGregor, the news chief at JPL.)

One person wrote: “If Found, Please Return:
First Star on the Right…
Straight On Until Morning.”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ from ABC news Ned Potter.

Poor Yorick we knew him well….