It has been nothing but rush and work and clean and think about clean water and affordable food. Bullies at school agelessly bullying as their kind do and nasty pesticide spraying corporations spraying every old persons yard around here that they can bamboozal into paying over a fortune for something that will end up killing them and the planet.

What on earth did the dandelions ever do to you? People in Germany treat the noble dandelion like a medicinal plant. Natives ate it – bees thrive on them. I am surrounded by zombies.

I am in the mood for a zombie marathon – Shaun of the Dead, I am Legend, Last man on Earth, Omega Man, Resident Evils, Night of the Living Dead – I cant watch the newer Dead movies – too “life-like”.

So living in the land of the zombi-people I wonder how much longer we will all stay asleep?



Going to the library alot.

Half Blood Prince – Harry Potter JKR (again)

The 7 O Clock BedtimeInda Schaenen

Life, Nature and Cultivation of Anthrosophy by Steiner, Rudolf    a bit long haired actually.

National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) – working on my certifications.

Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child Through the Rhythms of the Day – a very good read.

Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale – gorgeous artwork.

I read a lot of Waldorf books and still love the theories – though my kids watch TV and play Video games and sleep with super hero or Hello Kitty sheets. I think that Waldorf in theory is lovely and I am all for it, but living in a land of commercialization – kids are going to navigate those waters eventually and I wanted to teach my kids early – small doses – I like them to be still and think for themselves too…I do find it amusing when my children ask for Ambien or the very latest sneakers, Children are very susceptable (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susceptibleto) to advertising. They catch it quite readily.  I use this advertising barage as a tool to teach them (my children) about the capitalist propaganda machine, the man, needs and wants and what is really valuable. We end the discussion with the Native American saying “you can not eat money” or a “save your money” or someday like in Star Trek we won’t need money.  There should be more childrens books on money I think.

We read a lot of books – A million Scholastic Books now as we are neck deep in a school reading contest.

I am starting a summer mommy book list – no childrens books allowed – I think a good beachy mix of biography, fiction and terror. I come from a very booky family. My husband however does not. He hates all the books I have and the room that a library takes up. I find this fascinating – I thought everyone grew up with libraries in their home – no matter how small. My grandmothers was just one small shelf of classics and I thought they were breath-taking and wonderous.

I think I am adding Jane Austin (all) to the summer read.

Oprah’s Worm Scare


Live a healthier happy – unafraid life….

Yesterday on Oprah she had an Earth Day and it was okay. I like Celebs and Healthy Green tips but I find these programs do not hypnotize as in days of old.
Not a lot of new information.

Martha had a better byte last year with her Compost wormery
Martha sells like no other but man does she work for it…no phone-ing it in. I love her.
I was and am just a little dissapointed with Oprah lately. Worms whatever – nothing to be so freaked out about. She seemed a little to frightened. Okay judgment over – don’t like it don’t watch right? Worms and decomposition can wig some people out. Not everyone loves composting. She has done a lot for women and health and I am very grateful to her for bringing anything Green to the People.
Being a Green Party member. I really find it amusing that the Greening is becoming a Big Ka-ching Business in the last five years especially. Try to ignore the evil Lamprey corporations that are connecting themselves to Environmental issues only to make themselves some big time dough. Be it that it is everyones right to make a buck – still … I am sure the lampry thinks he is a total bag of chips.
This site is nice rubbish diet .

Okay Oprah would you rather have had a bucket of these or a bucket of these? Yes I am a little obsessed about lampreys now.
When you are thinking about going all natural with your raw diets and healthier foods – remember that you can compost anything that was once alive. You can compost through every season, even in the winter. Treating your body and the Earth as the sacred gifts that they are is what is most important. Besides you will have free worms for fishing, if your into that sort of thing. I know some people are not – but fish do eat worms and people eat fish (most of the world).
I saw a great program on the raw diet and even juicing the peels of things – that is where more of the nutrients are. I need to invest or do research on a juicer!

I wonder what kinds of fruits and vegetables were in the garden of Eden….I bet they were all super foods.
Happy Earth Week! Make everyday Earth day. Dont treat your body like a compost pile though. Here is some info on the :

The main premise of this fast is cleansing the body of toxins through the intake of the purest forms of food possible, while still maintaining enough caloric intake to keep your metabolism high. You can do this for 14-28+ days, depending on your weight loss goal and your actual tolerance for it. Longer than 21 days is only good for weight loss; less than 14 isn’t really enough for cleansing. If you have more than 20 pounds to loose, you can just do it till you reach your goal weight and then add other foods in.

What you can eat:

1. Fruits (all kinds, as much as you want, even tropical fruits)
2. Vegetables (cooked or raw, frozen, canned or fresh)
3. Soy protein in the form of soy milk and soy or whey protein powder. (Any flavor)
4. Coffee/tea with no sweetener and a little half and half, or you may sweeten it with crystalline fructose or honey. No more than 2 cups in the AM. Make it a goal to wean yourself from caffeine by the end.
5. All salad dressings, spices, seasonings, marinades. Just try to use the purest kind you can find, like homemade or Newman’s own — not Kraft. Use your common sense, though — like don’t pour a bottle of sweet and sour sauce over your green beans.

What you cannot eat:
1. Meat
2. Bread
3. Rice
4. Dairy, eggs, cheese
5. Legumes (red beans, black beans, etc.)
6. Sweeteners of any kind (except the fructose/honey in your morning coffee/tea — and the artificial sweeteners are toxic)
7. Anything else that’s not in the “Can eat” list above.

1. Eggplant and mushroom Ratatouille over spaghetti squash:
Peel and cut up two large eggplant, 5 cloves of garlic, one onion, and some mushrooms. Sauté in a generous amount of olive oil till tender. Pour two cans/jars of meat-free spaghetti sauce over it and simmer until the eggplant is really mushy. Add slice black olives if desired. Spice it up with some red pepper flakes. Serve over spaghetti squash. Make a lot of this.

2. Cabbage soups with a tomato and veggie broth base.

3. Sautéed spinach and mushrooms with Garlic.

4. Oriental spinach, mushroom and water chestnut soup with veggie broth and soy sauce.

5. Roasted tomato bisque:
Slice 3 lbs of roma tomatoes lengthwise and place sliced side down in a very large roasting pan. Drizzle with olive oil and season with salt. Also put on the pan a whole, unpeeled head of garlic. Roast a 450 for 30-45 minutes, or until skins are charred. Take out and let cool. Take off charred tomato skins and toss (I leave them on, but I like a very smoky flavor). Put the tomatoes in blender, and squeeze the garlic in also — all of it. Then add a can of vegetable broth, some liquid smoke (about a tsp.) some water, and about 1/2 cup of soy creamer. Blend till smooth. Reheat on stove. Thin as desired with soy creamer and veggie broth and keep adjusting the seasoning till you get it right.

6. Sauteed green beans with garlic and olive oil.

7. Cauliflower steamed till soft and then whipped like potatoes with 2 tbs of butter, and a little soymilk creamer. This is so good! (Try to use butter only minimally for flavoring. A little won’t kill you, but use mostly olive oil)

8. Of course, salads, stir fried veggies, smoothies (adding a frozen banana will make it almost like ice cream), frozen fruit sorbet (Frozen fruit blended with a little organic apple juice in the blender), all the bolthouse Farms products from Publix (juice section; just don’t overdo it with the protein perfect shake).


Week 1: Fish and chicken
Week 2: Nuts, cheese, legumes and dairy
Week 3: Whole grains such as Ezekiel bread and brown rice
WEEK 4: Meats besides fish and chicken.

Go back to eating sweets last, but as common sense would tell you, if you eat like you did before, you will eventually end up where you were! 

Keep in mind, if you need to continue feed your family their regular meals, you can always give your portion to a person who is single and cooks only for one. It will awesomely bless them! Be encouraged and enjoy the journey!

Shape Shifters

There is a great debate in my house about Shapeshiffting.


In Chicago a few days ago – a Mountain Lion was killed and it was just such a peculiar thing that they would have footage of the police hunting him and then – killing him not tranquilizing mind you – killing him, that I mentioned out loud in front of my family how I thought he (the mountain lion) must have been a medicine man and that the police were mostly just interested in killing him – he must be up to no good. Without missing a beat both husband and children comment on how it could not possibly be a Medicine Man Shape Shiffter because “when you die – you change back into your human self”. Which lead to much heated debate – in that there is no proof of this and magically you would have to change yourself back consciously or stay in that form…was my argument. Night Stalkerish stories and Magic and Mystry is just normal everyday for us here, and the fact that I am writing a childrens book on Lake Monsters has us all a little more than open minded about unseen forces and creatures.

I looked at my little children and hoped with all my heart that they will be able to balance mystery, facts, science and magic. Draw their own conclusions and debate fairies with their own children while reading some Harry Potter and Rachel Carson and Nana’s books on Sea Monsters.

I believe in Shape Shifters on more than one level.


Dreams – a common thing we share.

“Spotted Owl fell asleep under a dancing star.
this was the night he learned to dream.
His soul became a strong white bird,
his mind a snapping terrapin,
his body as strong as a bear,
his medicine important and peaceful”
Marijo Moore – Cherokee

I wonder do all creatures dream…at least in their fashion.

What do Alligators dream is my thought and project for the day. I know what Rabbits dream of.

Machiavellian Styles

I came to Word Press a few days ago by way of Googling “Evil Girl Scout Moms”.


Long have I forgotten that even in the most quiet of places – even in the Shire there can be evil and malcontent – the Dark hand reaching across to the foolish and unispired. Came across a blog where was shared a very warm hearted and sad tale of Girl Scout Moms callousness.  I was inspired because of my own situation with my own little daughters Daisy Scout troop leader.

 I won’t go into it much because it is so fresh and just not the right time…but really has it all turned to Machiavelli style tactics to survive the politics of Scouting groups and Kindergarten?

I’d like to think that I could rise above such politics but it seems as if we are surrounded on all fronts. The Pres. Election debates – Corporations- all positioning themselves for the battle of our hearts, minds but mostly pocket books. I am done for now and yet I cannot put down my History books and wonder why more Women have not written War books. We must be made of different things? Sugar and Spice and all that.

My favorite NM quotes that keep me up at night:

The greatest remedy that is used against a plan of the enemy is to do voluntarily what he plans that you do by force.

You must never believe that the enemy does not know how to conduct his own affairs. Indeed, if you want to be deceived less and want to bear less danger, the more the enemy is weak or the less the enemy is cautious, so much more must you esteem him.

Current Reads

Nietzche was the one who did the job for me. At a certain moment in his life, the idea came to him of what he called “the love of your fate.” Whatever your fate is, whatever the hell happens, you say, “This is what I need.” It may look like a wreck, but go at it as though it were an opportunity, a challenge. If you bring love to that moment — not discouragement — you will find the strength is there. Any disaster you can survive is an improvement in your character, your stature, and your life. What a privilege! This is when the spontaneity of your own nature will have a chance to flow.

Then when looking back at your life, you will see that the moments which seemed to be great failures followed by wreckage were the incidents that shaped the life you have now. You’ll see that this is really true. Nothing can happen to you that is not positive. Even though it looks and feels at the moment like a negative crisis, it is not. The crisis throws you back, and when you are required to exhibit strength, it comes.

American mythologist, writer & philosopher

Joseph Campbell (1904 – 1987)
Gotta love that Nietzche.

Spring Fever

I think that I am getting the hang of it. The old muscle memory comes back – a bit like riding a blog bike.

I miss all my old bloggy buddies, Jen, Bran, Lori, Kitt, LL and the mommys. Things have changed so much in three years – subtle yet earth changing things – wars – water – oil – $2.00 tomatoes. The kids are calming down now after a week or two of acting like Spring Fevered Goat babies. I notice some of the moms and many of the people that I work with just losing it after a much to cold and snowy winter.

I am thinking a lot about the poor culty FLDS moms. I hate the thought of government taking children away from their mothers…weighing this against the subjugation of women and children. In my opinion If children are the most prescious thing in our or anyone elses world – they should be treated as sacred and cherished and the whole world needs to perhaps look at how the children of the world suffer and are treated. We are on the right track though – conversation and awarness is the start.

Off to look for more evidence of PollyPogo and to visit some old buddies bloggies and to work.

Sunny and crisp today.

Trying word press out … Still a little buggy but this could be me. The writing format is strange but again this could be me not formatting something. We had an earthquake this morning in the Midwest. I had thought we were safe from them here. I left California because I just do not like Earthquakes.