50 mn Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince sneak from France. Fantastic!

Banksy and others…

A personal favorite of mine. I have believed for the last thirty years that graffiti is the Art of our time. I love the more political art but am a fan of the tags and the doodles. My all time favorite is Train Art. If I could do it again I would be stenciling cows and coal framed with poems on all the Canadian Pacifics I could.

I know…naughty.

Love the rats with all the cute expressions. Go Team Banksy.

Like gramma says ‘pretty is as pretty does” same goes for Art in a big way.

Good inspirational art site: picturesonwalls.com

Evil tongued monsters ~


I read this today and it was very interesting. I really am working hard towards eliminating negative/toxic people from my personal space.