EMR exposure and brain danger. Do you hear me now?

I have thought about this for a long time. There is just way to much radiation and soon to be more with the digital upgrades and even more cell phone and radio waves flying throught the air. It’s a bit like teflon-how we all have traces of it in our blood now, even Natives in the Amazon.

If you can please keep these electronic devices away from your children and your own brain. Time will tell, but I think the bees have given us a bit of a clue. A child’s brain is still developing into it’s 20s. Just a thought today. I am not anti-technology but I find technology gone wild, without studied effects a bit troublesome. Aren’t you even the slightest bit curious why the Senate would not allow a delay in the transition to DTV?

My teen says she does not care and would risk the danger for technology, but that is a child’s way of  thinking. – They live for today mostly.  Our family does not use cell phones and will not in the future. We also unplug as much as possible anything electronic in the house. It is true though that more and more you can not find a place where you are immune to EMR exposure.

Remember…people back in the day thought that “coal” was an amazing thing that everyone should have burning in their homes. And that cigarettes and cocaine, opium and foot binding were fun/fashionable and even touted as medicinal. That Asbestos was a miraculous product we should coat every inch of our homes and schools with. Just because some one is selling a product that may seem useful in the short run does not mean the companies selling a “product care about you or your children. Please stop wandering around the market gabbing on your box really loud with your bluetooth – all of you crazies. Please do not drive while having a really great conversation about your lunch. Hands 10 and 2 please.

http://www.danger.com/ They do not even try to hide the research and the obvious “danger” of cell phone usage. You do the math.



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Happy Chinese New Year!

Year of the Ox.






Top 100 science stories of 2008 Discover magazine.

I broke two fingers the other day on my typing and ice cream pint opening hand. (Broke at Storage between the car door and the wall, ouched little kids style.)

My Peace fingers.

Have been just organizing and reading a lot and will get caught up soon.


Loved reading all these articles. We have come so far and yet have so much longer to travel. May your journey be one of peace and inspiration.

Mixed hope…

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


     By Lily-Therese “Sacred Dove”

Oh Great Spirit, Our Father, whose breath of Life we experience in every direction of our great nations, hear us. Great Spirit whose voice we hear in silence and in the roar of thunder, listen to our prayers for World Peace. We come to you as the children of all great nations; in love, faith, trust, and unity.

Father Sky bring us warm rains of cleansing waters. Give us clouds with silver linings and the ability to cope during the wind’s of change and uncertainty. Mother Earth bring us an abundance of food to feed all the nations. Give us a bountiful harvest to nourish those that walk on two legs, those that walk on four legs, those that fly, swim and crawl. Grandfather Sun, shine brightly on all nations. Grandmother Moon light our way in times of darkness.

Creator of all great nations bless all of your creations, sky eagle and tiny ant, great bear and majestic mountains, winding rivers and powerful oceans, rain forest and desert sands, mighty trees and green valleys, fish in the seas and birds in the air, tricky coyote, and peaceful dove.

Bless the weak, the hungry, the lonely, and the homeless. Bless the poor and the rich, the mighty and the fearful. Give us strength to fight the powers of darkness. Give us hope in times of depression, faith in times of fear, and a joyful loving heart. Give us healing in spite of our negative emotions and love to replace all hate.

Great Spirit, Light of the World, bless all of the Great Nations and bring peace and harmony to our universe. Heal, bless, prosper, and unite All Nations through the power of Your unconditional Love.


So must it be.

I have mixed hope today as we begin this new Journey. I feel the joy and desire and the shedding of skin that so many in our nation are feeling. I get that Obama is a one man stimulus package and that so many are so liberated on this day of days. I still though feel just a little empty, mabey by the end of the day it will be better and I will get caught up in the waves of hope and speratus.

My little children are filled with the belief and the faith of change. My Son has been a huge Obama fan since day one, as was my teen. My youngest is all Native American and a Green Party witch like her mother. My husband – King of the proletariats and busker hater finds the whole Obama experience a bit over the top “Hollywood”, he is disgusted by the commercialization of a sacred transfer of power.  I think he is secretly happy and hopeful, but must remain gruff for the sake of the children and realistic expectaions. He did not diss the homemade apple cinnamon bundt cake.

I do not hide the fact of my dissapointment over once again no woman as Commander in Chief but I know our time will come and I celebrate the overwhelming Joy that people are feeling. It will be different, I am just not sure how much. The Masks are different and there is Historical Precedence. The world may indeed for a time see America as being or becoming a different animal. Time will tell. Ghandi said “You must be the change” You. No one man can save us, not even you Bono though I am willing for you to try.

I think this is my favorite blog right now and you might enjoy living the experience through her eyes. http://www.tayarijones.com/blog/ 

Tayari Jones a brilliant writer and a lovely woman inside and out. For her I am happy. For my children who still are filled with hope and delight and believe all things good are possible.

If the People lead the leaders will follow. Stop War Stop War now.

I watched the little girls at our Girl Scout Winter Dance tonight and I kept thinking — Why can’t all children be this happy and safe and carefree. It does not make sense all this War. I was thinking of all the wars and the children huddled in fear. Our children here in homeless shelters and sleeping on the streets or in their cars. It does not make any sense. War. Poverty, Suffering.

It is just evil, anytime you are killing children the answer should be no.

It is up to you. It’s up to me. All of us. Waking up.

We need to figure out how to stop wars in our lifetime. Mabey a giant dance party? Robots? Zomies? Communal Mind to stop letting corporations rule our world? Aliens? There has to be an answer…It is a war not just between countries but for the hearts and minds and souls of human kind. Even our very future of the species.

Let me know if you come up with anything.

Lets dance a little. Remember?

Okay that’s all I am tired now. Dream company needs a Dance Floor.

Ja Ma – Honoring the Goddess in her many forms.


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