Bubbles and water troubles


Great link for homemade bubbles. The Pie just spilled a brand new (and expensive) Gazillion Bubbles Bottle – the extra large size in the front yard while I planted Daddy’s elephant ears from last year for Fathers Day. Camera is not working – to upload pictures to the computer but let me try to explain in less that a thousand words.

Perspective. I am truly lucky and yet to complain and catagorize it – seems very modern and makes me feel even more blessed.  Downtown is sand bagged and fish are stranded in our downtown…my Nana in Texas says they have not had rain in months. My heart aches for the BoyScouts and their mothers and people without homes and people that are drowned in their backyards.

Perspective. I feel very lucky punk. I know it. Still. I dream of a world without torrents.


Our garage is under the house and on both sides of the steep driveway is (was) a rock retaining wall that since last year was shabbbily knitted together with some kind of foam and which we planned to replace with a new retaining wall next summer – with some new landscaping etc… With the torrential storms over last weekend the wall gave way and dummped a ton of rock and mud into the driveway and THEN the electricity went out due to the storm which ment the pump in the driveway and garage could not work – filling our garage with water and MUD a ton of MUD. I sell vintage textiles – clothes and paper and books and this MUD is not good for the massive amount of Junk I had stored in the garage. Did I mention the owner of the Antique shop I was in retired last month and I took all my inventory – two rooms full and boxes and boxes of junk (prescious treasure) and stored it all in the garage till I open my own shop or have a huge sale. I need to lay down. This was my bread and butter and it could have been worst – true true…and husband is excited at the prospect of now getting to park his fancy sportscar that I can not drive in the garage and to have a place to store tools and be junk free.

I am devistated. Not to mention the wall is gone. The basement also flooded and that is a huge pain as well. More ruined stuff.

It could have been worst. So much worst. It could have not happened at all thought. I am seeing this as a great opportunity to reinventory junk- purge and to mop some floors with bleach – thus communing with a million other people who are cleaning up their messes and tragedies and opportunities in a very Zen like – this stuff is not me – and I love to clean up during storms anyway kind of thing.

So took a break from washing and carrying and bucketing to plant. Planted elephant ears and flowers and some new dreams and set them off on bubbles. Bubbles spilled. Oh well the fairies can gather the bubble water underground gathered at the tree roots and have a party.

That is where I am now.

I am thinking when life gives you horrid mold and mud you have to be able to make some kind of lemonade art project from it?I’ll see what the fairies think.