Simply not logical – Star Trek Spoilers!!!
Space Shuttle is off and it is throttle up.
I have been very busy, this is the busy season for me.
Hope you had a wonderful Mothers day. I’ll need to do some catching up on the blogoshere as to what has been happening with my muses.
Saw Star Trek yesterday. A definate treat. If you have not seen it please do not read on….
What the …. ???????
Blow up Vulcan???? Are you mad you crazy Klingon loven writers????? I mean really what the heck????
Great movie but really….what? I’m sorry….No…..Not logical.
All ends in music and merry skipping along. See you next movie.
WHAT???????? Are you all INSANE?
Hey lets just blow up Vulcan. We dont need that planet in the mythology, the Vulcans served their purpose in moving the story along.

I need a few minutes in a room with those writers and a lipau mu’yor. I did not blow up Romulus why on earth would the writers, producers and the craft service people (obviously who serve krada leg and Rokeg blood pie no doubt next to the twinkies) make me watch then blow up Vulcan. Thanks alot Nero.
You all better hope that Bad Spock doesn’t find out what you have done. Oh I am so not happy about this.


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  1. Catherine Sherman
    May 18, 2009 @ 16:56:50

    I’m confident that everything will be restored in some other time warp sequel. I’ve always had a crush on Mr. Spock and was happy to see him as a young “hottie”.


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