~ Earth Day ~ save the planet.


Happy Earth Day. hope you get the chance to get out and spread the word on saving the planet.
Plant a garden, save some nature, recycle. Take a walk. it is a beautiful world out there.

The Future of food legislation

I am a firm supporter of organics and organic milk. I see no reason to feed my children hormone and antibiotic soaked products that only benefit the factory farmer’s need to produce more product.

I want to make sure that I know what is in the food that I feed to my family.

Laws work both ways, yet, they protect and serve corporations more and more – rather than the consumer and if you are not aware what is going on you will end up with only “food like substances”, rich in money for corporations but not in nutrition for the people.

With US states exporting their products all over the world and to other states it is possible that consumers will be sold products that are not labeled with the specifics as to the genetic modifications and bio-gen-antibiotics that are now entering our food streams. Be aware as a consumer where your food is coming from and really what is in it and how it arrives to us.

I think that milk – like water is a hot bed of controversy – we do not need milk or milk products but we want it, so be aware of what you are buying. Cheese, butter, yogurt, milk in all of it’s forms has become a huge part of the human diet in most of the industrialized world. The farmers diet of old is now mainstreamed – It has not always been that way – the issues at hand are more than if our milk is organic and wholesome.

This is about creating laws that benefit corporations at the expense of the people. This is a milk line poured in the sand. The laws that will govern the future are created now and everyday. You need to be aware. Milk and cheese in schools is becoming a very big issue. Do you really know what is in your child’s milk at school or what was in your coffee this morning?
I have a lot of friends who will not even touch milk or animal products, have not for a long time. We may be going that way if there is no change in the industrial standards of treatment of the animals that we are using for our wants. We must be merciful consumers if we are to use animals at all.

This is just one issue in this whole new world of corporations using laws to make us consume their products. The future is our responsibility.

Tell Governor Sebelius you want to know how your milk is produced!
Last week, despite strong citizen and farmer opposition, the Kansas State Legislature passed a bill that would limit a farmer’s right to tell their customers whether they produce milk without the genetically engineered hormone, rBGH.
Kansas House Bill 2121 specifies that dairy products promoted as being produced by cows that don’t receive injections of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) include a potentially misleading disclaimer stating there are no significant differences between milk from cows that are injected with rBGH and cows that are rBGH-free. The “no differences” statement is based on an 18-year-old FDA review of rBGH; however, FDA’s own publications, as well as subsequent scientific studies have shown that there are significant differences, some of which may affect human health.
We share the opinion of the Consumers Union that “HB 2121 puts unnecessary obstacles in the way of consumers getting the information they want, restricts free speech rights of dairies and processors, and interferes with the smooth functioning of free markets.”
This Kansas bill has a national impact because national and regional brands will be forced to either produce separate labels, or simply stop labeling milk without the hormone as rBGH-free. What’s more, if the labeling rule stands in Kansas it can happen in other states too.
Please take a moment to contact Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius before April 16 and urge her to veto HB 2121. Sibelius is President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, which houses the Food and Drug Administration. Let’s remind her to protect consumers’ right to know as her final act as Governor before heading to Washington.
Governor Sebelius could sign as soon as Thursday (April 16), so contact her today!
Send a Message at the Center for Food Safety:
Or sign the petition at Food & Water Watch:
Learn more about rBGH and labels
Thanks for all your support for family farmers, informed consumer choices, and a sustainable future for all!
The Farmers and Staff of Organic Valley Family of Farms

Read more newspapers – http://cityroom.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/02/18/milk-as-a-political-hot-potato/


Let’s see, Laundry day and kitchen day and Pizza for the kids when they get home from school. I really do not want to go outside it is cold, but I have some blankets to hang on the “solar dryer”


Catherine Sherman http://catherinesherman.wordpress.com/  inspired a memory in me today –  my first panoramic photograph. It was framed and hung in the Bottenfields antique shop. They were friends of the family and did not mind me standing there for hours (I was six) enchanted by the people being baptised in the San Antonio river. These were the days when you could let your child stand and stare at something for hours while you shopped the flea market, or at least it was “pressumed” to be okay.  saved2

I looked up Panoramic photos at the library of congress http://lcweb2.loc.gov/ammem/collections/panoramic_photo/ between them and the Smithsonian they are the largest purchasers of old photographs in the world. Their collections are huge and being digitalized (yeah).

Jan of http://planetjan.wordpress.com/ reminded me that I have not been to The Horror Fatale‘s website http://horrorfatale.com/ in way to long. I am writing a (scary) story and wanted to not be to influenced by all the fantastic horror. I think it has worked.

I have been working on Green Party ecology classes for businesses and my lecture on Rain gardens, Childrens Ecology Pods and just Books and Books. Gardening and Writing on the burners. Spring Break and Easter are coming up and I am looking forward to the down time. The week of Earth Day is my busy time and I have lectures or events almost everyday.

I have been watching alot of envio media and am way behind in postings, journaling and sketching. I brought out my dream journal to record dreams but always forget to jot them down till to late.

Have been listening to The Soprano’s (crazy) and reality tv  on E and Bravo (sick) or Masterpiece theater (lovely) while I work and we watched City of Ember on Family movie night. I love NPR but have not set up a stereo situation yet to listen to it through out the house. This week.

It’s hovering at 39degrees outside. What I really want to do is take a nap (or direct) either or. I think I need the Fussfreewife http://www.radishkitchen.co.uk/pages/fussfreewife.html.

 Sounds like a little bit of heaven.


Start with the cell phone and learn to tell a good story, mabey with puppets.

My youngest and I are convinced that if the world is plummeted into the dark ages that we will keep world history alive via oral tradition in story telling and puppetry.

G-20 protesters break into Royal Bank of Scotland – No Joke Jolly Good Blokes.


The love of money and all that (root of evil).  Nobody can protest like the Brits. Unless you want to count the Anti-World Trade Movement peeps. A great Movie if you have not seen it is – Battle in Seattle http://www.battleinseattlemovie.com/  Directed by Stuart Townsend, who is turning into a fine director.

The G-20 protests are just getting started and I wish them all the luck in their peaceful protest against the coming darkness. I do believe that the(*Evil bad) Bankers, Usery merchants (Credit Cards) and Insurance Fraud pushers will all have their special places in hell.

Always inspiring. I would answer this call warning of the Zombies of death, and oh yes…I live by the river.

I adore the lovely Lilly Allen.

Newspapers dying. A whole generation that cannot hold a conversation unless it includes staring at their phone. I still have hope. I have met a few lately that can actually close their phone and want to plant a garden. Learn a little about printing won’t you? The end of the information age is being born at the same time as the boom of information available at your fingertips. Everything and nothing that you ever wanted to know – electronically sent to you.

And what happens when the lights go out eh?




Its all bollocks – death to the Zombie banks! Let them die.