I am making a crafty web journal – I want to keep my politicalish and crypto-zoology book stuff seperate from the pure crafty goodness.  I just want to keep the two seperate so as to have more freedom in my crafty life – I can have rants that last for weeks – such is the state of the world eh? – I am going to strive to not “stray off the path” as Grandma says and keep to the warm light of the crafty forrest.  I am sure the two worlds will merge but I have about four book  and art journals that I keep so whats a few more.  So have been busy.  I have however given up making all the paper myself. for the many scrapbooks and journals.

Having a redo for all the rooms also. Cold weather changes everything and we need more room for the holidays.
My fabric area has encroached to far into the spaces where we live so it will be time for a bit of indoor weeding. Hope you have a lovely week. Halloween is Friday. The year went by so fast.

Okay time to clean the kitchen and make soup.

It is all perception and commitment.

A friend sent me this link —-> Article on the housewife dream (<——click) as we call it – I am an “at home mom” but I have my own business in personal property appraisals and am an artist who works out of her home. I still consider myself an at home mom – at the beck and call of any of the people who I live with at a moments notice for anything – no maid (sadly) no yaya’s and no nanny. Not even a personal assistant. I would love to work outside the home and lead (according to monkeysmashesheaven, one of my favorite sites) a less “parasitic” life. Husband would agree but the cost of after school childcare and the sheer amount of homework these people bring home makes it impossible on many levels. As a socialist he wants the added income of another worker and yet the services provided by my being at home would cost a small fortune for him to replace. I work cheap and am able to multi-task.

I personally do not believe that the at home parent is a “parasite” as is thought of in many minds. I believe actually that this is one of the biggest misconceptions and problems with world society – the fact is that raising children is the most important task that one “commits” to in our lifetime. The choice to stay home or to work outside of the home has many mitigating factors and each family should have the space and freedom to choose what works best for them as a unit. A great many do not have this luxury – and for many the choice or “commitment” to stay at home for the children is more work than it would be to go to an office or outside job. I found it a lot easier to work for Dupont or Universal than to have to clean and cook and run errands for the weirdest things. Though indeed my job satisfaction was not as high. My friend wrote me that she thought American women suffer an envy that they (the women with extended families and helpers) in some parts of Asia have already. “A wife”.
Yes I so agree.

Main Entry: com·mit
Pronunciation: \kə-ˈmit\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): com·mit·ted; com·mit·ting
Etymology: Middle English committen, from Anglo-French committer, from Latin committere to connect, entrust, from com- + mittere to send
Date: 14th century
transitive verb
1 a: to put into charge or trust : entrust b: to place in a prison or mental institution c: to consign or record for preservation d: to put into a place for disposal or safekeeping e: to refer (as a legislative bill) to a committee for consideration and report
2: to carry into action deliberately : perpetrate
3 a: obligate , bind b: to pledge or assign to some particular course or use c: to reveal the views of
intransitive verb
1obsolete : to perpetrate an offense
2: to obligate or pledge oneself
— com·mit·ta·ble \-ˈmi-tə-bəl\ adjective

I thought I would share this. I hope it loads big enough for you to frame for your kitchen.

The Fall clean continues…

I have to start this out by saying Mrs. Meyers and her Lavender cleaner has the most calming and loving affect on our household. It is my absolute favorite product with Borax and white vinegar coming in second. and now…Mrs.Meyers has a website The peppermint soap and soy candles look amazing.

This is a checklist I got from Real several years ago and still use. Though it is Spring in half the world I think you can use this list any change of season. Please note – we do not have a chandelier but I leave it in because someday I will visit that Paris market or that Shabby Chic Estate/Hotel sale.

Because of the coming snows yard clean up is still very much the issue as well and now I wish I had started two months ago like my older and wiser neighbors. I am sad to see the garden go.

Fall is a good time to give your home a thorough cleaning.  With the holidays approaching, you may have family coming to visit or parties to host.  A deep fall cleaning gets your home ready for the holidays and company.

Getting started
Before you begin cleaning your home, do a little preparation.  First, have a plan.  Make a list of everything that you want to accomplish.  If your cleaning is going to take more than a day, create a timeframe.  You will also want to gather your supplies before you begin.  Try to have on hand the following: 

  • garbage bags for throwing away as much as you can as you clean((recycle-freecycle give away – purge)),
  • gloves to protect your hands,
  • a good duster,
  • white vinegar for cleaning most surfaces as well as mirrors and windows,
  • lemon juice to remove stains from counters and to use as a disinfectant,
  • baking soda for cleaning and scrubbing down your sinks, tubs, and toilets,
  • club soda to remove stains in carpet and upholstery,
  • distilled water to clean leather furniture, or
  • your own favorite cleaning products.

Quarterly tasks 

  • Wash down the baseboards and moldings.
  • Clean the exterior of all of your cabinetry.
  • Wash the porches and exterior doors with an attachment on your water hose.

Fall tasks
Because of holiday preparations, it makes sense to make certain tasks a part of your fall cleaning regimen. 

  • Clean the carpets.  Nothing makes a home look better than freshly cleaned carpets.  And, if you are worried about your niece spilling cherry pie on your freshly cleaned carpets, find a company that will come back within a specific timeframe to remove stains.
  • Clean the chandeliers and light fixtures.  Leave the chandelier in place to gently wash it – just place a towel below it to protect the furniture.  Remove the light globes from the other light fixtures and soak them for cleaning.  Wash the porch lights, too.
  • Clean the attic.  If you keep decorations in the attic, fall is a great time to clean it out.  Toss any junk that has migrated up there.  Also, vacuum it out by starting at the ceiling and working your way down (wear a mask).  This can improve the air quality in your home.
  • Your kitchen is going to work overtime during the holidays.  Prepare it by cleaning the oven and range.  Also, clean out the refrigerator and freezer to make room for all of those leftovers.
  • Be sure all of the silver is polished and ready to be used. ((uhmmm put this on the list for the Paris shopping spree as well))
  • Clean out the gutters when the leaves are through falling.
  • Clean all the bird feeders with gentle soapy water and give them a good scrub inside. Store the bird seed in tight containers in the garage (or under the sink) for filling up the feeders and making bird seed ornaments in the winter (( I added that one))

Fall is a busy time, but you won’t regret taking the time for a deep cleaning for your home.  Giving your home a deep cleaning can help it to look its best for the upcoming holidays.

Good time to go Green with the kids if you haven’t already – Martha’s Green List starter pdf

“Dipped in liquid awesome”


  Star Gates World Game

This is so it….as they say it looks to be “dipped in liquid awesome”.

Coming 2009 online gaming.

This is totally my style.

Pumpkin Harvest

I really love how the pumpkins grew this year. Next year we will plant more. They are a bit thorny when you clean them up after the harvest but so worth it. Not for little little ones to do alone being that the vines “bite” a bit. The tomatos are still thriving but they are saying freeze in the next few days – so it will be time to finish the harvest soon.

yeah yeah more politics I know….

Could not help it. Though I do not agree with Mr. Powell ( I think both candidates are equally as capitalistic and slaves to the machine) I was very very moved by the moment he shared about the muslim mother mourning her son at his grave. Now that is what I have always believed America was about. Now if only he had not died in some trunked up war…. Mr. Powell is a very dynamic speaker.

I love Alice

this is my daughters favorite youtube.

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