Feeling it… Heat, summer and the inspiration of Kates

There has been so much Kate of late I have taken to naming all of my work Kate and I expect there will be more before this Kate storm blows over. At least for me. I have been working as usual on my little masterpieces of flesh and spirit. They keep me busy. And the writing goes well, it is like a best friend that greets me in the mornings, I will miss this enough to start a new romance right away I think. I already have ideas.. all of them with the working title Kate. The heat is especially blanketing this summer. It’s everywhere. I am thinking of Iceland and Sweden and the Great North up above us. That is how I am staying frosty, a battle of northern designs waging against my usual french country yearnings.

Taking a few days off to read blogs and do some research. I was lost for hours in Design blogs today and The theme for Indian Summer and the whole next year is Butterflies.. they are sometimes Fairies you know. My last netflix dvd is the movie Fairy Tale: A true story. Harvey Keitel, is genius as Houdini, everyone in fact is amazing. You should watch it or rewatch it.

Royal Wedding post tommorow(ish). We had so much fun and it has been nonstop baking ever since April.



Movie of the Day “300”

In the lovely Summer I love to work to the sound of my children laughing and playing and the birds singing, soft rain on the roof and the wind moving through the trees (no really). In the Winter though I am trapped in the house ala Cabin Fever and my kids are at school so I like to listen to Movies as background noise. I used to listen to a lot of NPR and music – various styles of rock, new age and classical.

But now it is movies, all kinds what ever the day’s work inspires. I am working on some Goddess projects – so it was either chick flicks or 300. I love the movie 300 It has a painterly quality and the movie simply rocks. If I were a dude I would workout everyday and learn me some sword fighting. I love the elegant choreography of the fight scenes and the acting and direction are rich and poetic. It is an epic movie and romantic also.

Have you seen it? This is SPARTA.

Of course though in my family such reverence and seriousness only leads to sillyness. My darling teen shared this: