Fly like an Eagle…or nest, that’s okay too.

In my own nest we  have been obsessing over the Decorah Eagle Cam, the Bald Eagle nest where a mated couple of Eagles are attempting to raise a family of three little Eaglets and it is beyond interesting with the wind noise and the little Eaglets popping out from time to time out from under mom and dad. 

There is a huge following too.. Schools, Nature groups, average Jills and Joes. Someone should get them a sponsor and feed all the money to Nature Conservancy.

I have been working on a Sci-fi story about Globilization and shared Mythology. It is brutal and reminds me that the biggest monsters most of the time are just humans with a bit of lust and greed.

The world grows smaller as our dreams grow larger and more desirious.

I always think of Zardoz for some reason when thinking of globilization or the now banned in China –  The Time Machine by H G Wells.

The globilization of politics and fashion and materials usage and the wars that will come between the consumer and the corporation. It’s something to think about. Shared wars and the profits from these campaigns are becoming the standard. We don’t even blink or notice most of the time that we are spending billions on these things. Time keeps on slipping….

I loved the Youtube movie First Orbit I hope you got a chance to watch it.

Globilization is not a bad thing depending on who is in control of the big blue marble… The people, or the corporations… They are not, one in the same.

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