Theo Jansen’s amazing life like sculptures.


Sound Sculpture.

I love these and would love to have an installation at the Fox River Sanctuary.


Summer reading, zombies and evil truths.

evil animal children

I have realized that all the wondergarden early waldorf training is true and I am at times just a horrid mom. My own mother was part Indian gypse grifter and the other part Scotts-Irish con woman. I myself am a self -absorbed artist type with to much education and to much spare time on my hands, as they say. Mabey not “Mommy dearest” but I am also not Olivia Walton (yet). I aspire to the levl of “momming” of the mom on Lost in Space. She had willful children but deep down they were peaches. Mine too. I have moments that I just want to scream at my children “What’s wrong with you?!?!”. Plus I get really crazy hormonal.

When I lived in California and the Santa Annas would come blasting through – you always felt a bit edgy. That is how I felt today…(and it is a bit windy).

I was hanging out the blankets to air them out before packing them away and it occured to me that my children are of my own making. I was still fuming at the tantrum episode the two of them (6 and 8 ) pulled while we went to the market for sloppy joe fixens and Pantene. It seems it was sample day and we went before lunch, after breakfast and my boy felt he needed many more samples of the deli pasta dish. Pouting because I said “No”, he was pressing his face against the glass of the frozen food pizzas and I snatched him by the ear to get his attention (after many come on’s) and he pulled back – and I pinched his ear instead of grasping it. I was already feeling like the worlds worst mother with spoiled out of control kids when he started to bawl like a two year old. My kids were always quite well behaved untill they started school. They are now of the minds that they are independant creatures with minds of their own and that their father and I are just there to make suggestions and mac-and-cheese.

“I hate you” my sweet boy said at the checkout. My six year old then said “Well I am being good right?” . This after fighting tooth and nail over who got to push the cart and grabbing everything in site to put into the cart – despite my saying ” Not today”.

No no no no no no. I just bagged everything in our World Market canvas totes and marched those kids out to the car and held my breath and tongue for the five minutes back to the house. I was so glad we had not walked today. Groceries carried into the house and then kids straight to their rooms so they could get busy cleaning them up.

My son came out of his room ‘I’m hungry”. my daughter next same thing. The teenager is at work or it would have been a trio of demands and needs not met.

Kids fed – sent outside to water and breathe, then back to their rooms. I began hanging out the blankets from their rooms. That is when it happened, when I realized my children are exactly reflections of who I am and what I have made them. Somewhere I have once again made them too independant ( my oldest is queen of that) and too sassy and hungry and argumentative. My baby girl is the sweetest child and truly a good girl. My oldest another girl – the same and though she is going through a mean streak of seperation,  I know who she is inside, all gravy and frosting.

My son though…I see he has some control issues. My evil truth is that I have not invested enough time with him on what is important – other than video games, math and science. I am stressing him out. I have to look deep inside to see this in me. In the beginning years at Waldorf we are trained to visit each family in their home setting to get a measure of who the family is and who the child is in the family. Each child. That is a lot of visits. After putting out the blankets to dry in the beautiful sun and with the glorious breeze I did a home visit to my own house. I looked at who I am as a mother and who these children are and where they are in the family and I see we need some work but we are all okay. We just need some fine tuning, some better organized rooms and not so much clutter, physically and mentally. To many video games and tellie.

Also, note to self … I need to never again take the kids to the store before they have had lunch and never after a marathon morning of Mario Cart on the Wii.


Everything is connecting or unconnecting to bring balance to our worlds. I forgot that for a moment.



The rest of the day we watered the garden and packed away more of winter, coats and heavy wool blankets and pillows, sweaters and toys. It is quiet and now and i have a moments of peace while they clean their rooms (or play). I ordered a  book on Amazon – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies: The Classic Regency Romance – Now with Ultraviolent Zombie Mayhem! (Paperback). I read the first few pages on amazon and laughed the whole time.  You have to read this – or of you have already please do share your thoughts. Thank you Charlaine for the referal!

Number one on the summer reading list – 09.


I am currently reading – Living Dead in Dallas, Movie night is tonight and sloppy joes are on the menue as is popcorn and junior mints.

My mood is : cautiously optomistic and pms-ee. I need a spa day.



~ Earth Day ~ save the planet.


Happy Earth Day. hope you get the chance to get out and spread the word on saving the planet.
Plant a garden, save some nature, recycle. Take a walk. it is a beautiful world out there.

The Future of food legislation

I am a firm supporter of organics and organic milk. I see no reason to feed my children hormone and antibiotic soaked products that only benefit the factory farmer’s need to produce more product.

I want to make sure that I know what is in the food that I feed to my family.

Laws work both ways, yet, they protect and serve corporations more and more – rather than the consumer and if you are not aware what is going on you will end up with only “food like substances”, rich in money for corporations but not in nutrition for the people.

With US states exporting their products all over the world and to other states it is possible that consumers will be sold products that are not labeled with the specifics as to the genetic modifications and bio-gen-antibiotics that are now entering our food streams. Be aware as a consumer where your food is coming from and really what is in it and how it arrives to us.

I think that milk – like water is a hot bed of controversy – we do not need milk or milk products but we want it, so be aware of what you are buying. Cheese, butter, yogurt, milk in all of it’s forms has become a huge part of the human diet in most of the industrialized world. The farmers diet of old is now mainstreamed – It has not always been that way – the issues at hand are more than if our milk is organic and wholesome.

This is about creating laws that benefit corporations at the expense of the people. This is a milk line poured in the sand. The laws that will govern the future are created now and everyday. You need to be aware. Milk and cheese in schools is becoming a very big issue. Do you really know what is in your child’s milk at school or what was in your coffee this morning?
I have a lot of friends who will not even touch milk or animal products, have not for a long time. We may be going that way if there is no change in the industrial standards of treatment of the animals that we are using for our wants. We must be merciful consumers if we are to use animals at all.

This is just one issue in this whole new world of corporations using laws to make us consume their products. The future is our responsibility.

Tell Governor Sebelius you want to know how your milk is produced!
Last week, despite strong citizen and farmer opposition, the Kansas State Legislature passed a bill that would limit a farmer’s right to tell their customers whether they produce milk without the genetically engineered hormone, rBGH.
Kansas House Bill 2121 specifies that dairy products promoted as being produced by cows that don’t receive injections of Recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) include a potentially misleading disclaimer stating there are no significant differences between milk from cows that are injected with rBGH and cows that are rBGH-free. The “no differences” statement is based on an 18-year-old FDA review of rBGH; however, FDA’s own publications, as well as subsequent scientific studies have shown that there are significant differences, some of which may affect human health.
We share the opinion of the Consumers Union that “HB 2121 puts unnecessary obstacles in the way of consumers getting the information they want, restricts free speech rights of dairies and processors, and interferes with the smooth functioning of free markets.”
This Kansas bill has a national impact because national and regional brands will be forced to either produce separate labels, or simply stop labeling milk without the hormone as rBGH-free. What’s more, if the labeling rule stands in Kansas it can happen in other states too.
Please take a moment to contact Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius before April 16 and urge her to veto HB 2121. Sibelius is President Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services, which houses the Food and Drug Administration. Let’s remind her to protect consumers’ right to know as her final act as Governor before heading to Washington.
Governor Sebelius could sign as soon as Thursday (April 16), so contact her today!
Send a Message at the Center for Food Safety:
Or sign the petition at Food & Water Watch:
Learn more about rBGH and labels
Thanks for all your support for family farmers, informed consumer choices, and a sustainable future for all!
The Farmers and Staff of Organic Valley Family of Farms

Read more newspapers –

I am just one person in our family of man…

Today my little Brownie and I are going to plant seedlings for the community Garden and our Cub Scout is picking up and delivering donated Food to the Food Pantry.

I am just one person, a mommy. Everything I teach my children they will pass on. My husband is just one person and so on. We both have Scouts and share our love of Nature and Ecology. You are a mom or a dad and you are just one person but together we are legion.

I’ll let you know about our candlight dominos/card party that begins at 8:30pm- till 9:30. We are starting to get a huge amount of snow and ice. It is beautiful and the sleet hitting the windows and roof drew us outside where we ran around just before dark trying to catch the snow fairies and the ice on our tongues. It is warm in the house and the candles and flashlights are ready. I think for a little while we will just sit in the silence and listen. As long as little kids can anyway…

Would love to hear if you participated in Earth Hour.

Green Party news~

I enjoyed reading this from dear Ms. McKinney. She is on the hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell) and She is only getting better/stronger with every passing day. Read up on Green News and her thoughts on the new administration,

 Commentary from Cynthia McKinney March 2, 2009

 Ruminations on President Obama’s Tenure Thus Far and “Acceptable Punditry” I have played around with this idea for hours now, on whether or not to write this piece. But the events of the last few hours, I believe, mandate that I raise my voice once again. I have read and re-read President Obama’s Joint Congressional Address. All of the “acceptable punditry” have spoken and given the President glowing reviews. And so, to them and the population that still believes in them, “All is right with the world.” But for the rest of us, who refuse to swallow the pill that puts us into the Matrix, a good dose of reality is strongly called for. But reality is not what we’re getting, not even from one of the national columnists whom I’ve met, Maureen Dowd. I think Maureen Dowd characterized it as “Spock at the Bridge.” Now, being the Trekkie that I am, that headline grabbed my attention. I nearly gagged, however, when I got to the line supposedly from President Obama calling President Bush to proclaim, “‘I’m ending your stupid war.’ Mission Relinquished.” Why write things like this now that it is clear that the Obama Administration is continuing the Bush policies for missile strikes inside Pakistan; torture; rendition for torture; public release of Bush Administration e-mails; illegal wiretaps; status of prisoners at the U.S. base in Bagram, Afghanistan; and workplace immigration raids? For the record, President Obama is also pursuing Bush policies on Iran and Israel. As recently as yesterday, President Obama’s Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, responded when asked whether Iran was capable of building an atom bomb. Admiral Mullen replied, “We think they do, quite frankly.” Dowd concludes her “Spock” piece by imbuing the President with “a Vulcan-like logic and detachment.” But I think the detachment of “acceptable” political punditry from the real world is what is totally lamentable. In the process, they render themselves irrelevant. So, it’s clear. I’m about to step into marshy soil here, by noting that I found 19 questionable Obama policies or statements in his Joint Congressional speech delivered three days before his announcement that upon the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq, up to 50,000 U.S. troops could remain through 2011, after the “pullout.” And while various “mint” operations are peddling Obama “Change” coins for purchase, complete with a certificate of authenticity, I wade further into the muck by noting that the President continues the giveaway of our hard-earned coins to an economic team intent on keeping mismanagement structures in place, serving economic ends that do not constitute the common good. I would refer readers to the many statements that I issued during the final days of our Power to the People Green Party Presidential campaign about re-creating an economic system truly and finally owned by the people, operating in our interest. It is possible to do that. All it requires is enough political will. But what forces me out into the open marshland of “non-mainstream” political punditry has to do with the latest Obama “pullout:” the decision to withdraw from the April 2009 Geneva United Nations World Conference Against Racism, dubbed Durban II. We heard the same palaver in 2001 from the same forces inside our country, basically that a discussion of Zionism, in the context of such a Conference, would be anti-Semitic; therefore all the world’s dispossessed and marginalized people must continue to suffer and sacrifice while muting their grievances so that no discussion of Israel would take place on the world stage in this context. Well, in 2001, upon hearing this line of reasoning, I went to then-Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) Chairwoman, Eddie Bernice Johnson, and asked if I could be appointed as the CBC Task Force Chair on Durban. The non-participation argument was also a handy “peg on the track” with the potential of derailing many conversations, including a real discussion about the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and the issue of reparations. Respectful of the excellent preparatory work that had been done, I wanted to avoid that outcome. Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson made the appointment and I led a delegation of 5 Members of Congress to Durban. The current Chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Barbara Lee, was a member of my delegation to Durban. From my position on the International Relations Committee, we successfully argued for U.S. participation in that Conference at a Hearing designed to quash our effort. We not only met with then-United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Mary Robinson, we also presented her with the untold story of COINTELPRO and the remaining unsolved deaths of its Black Panther Party member victims, commissioned by me and written by Kathleen Cleaver and Paul Wolf. Our CBC Chairwoman made a beautiful statement of why it was imperative that the United States join with our Native American and Latino brothers and sisters and with oppressed peoples all over the planet and not only make our statement of solidarity, but also institute policies at the Congress that recognized their needs. It is incorrect to say that the United States was not present at Durban. We were there and only when the duties of Congress pressed us to return to Washington, DC did the Bush Administration make a big deal about anti-Semitism and then staged its phony walk out. The United States delegation of Congressional Black Caucus Members was there to support the phenomenal work of U.S. activists and the African and Caribbean delegations, in particular. I think everyone in Durban was moved by the plight of the Dalits in India and understood better the surging political power of Afro-Latinos. Durban was a clear victory for the world’s marginalized peoples, including those of us who reside inside the United States. But, when the Congressional Delegation returned to the U.S., there was no time for celebration because the tragedy of September 11, 2001 unfolded. What has happened in the interim has devastated the very people that Durban was designed to address, unfortunately, much of it due to U.S. policy. Now is not the time for the United States to shrink from this call. In order to prevail in Durban, I had to go toe to toe with the Anti-Defamation League and Members of Congress Tom Lantos and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen who, among many other Members of Congress, vociferously denounced Durban. This was something that I did because I felt it was the right thing to do. Given Israel’s recent actions in Gaza that have brought upon it the world’s opprobrium, I can imagine that this is the last point in time that Israel might want to revisit Durban. Israel has said that it will not attend the Conference in Geneva. Early last year, a government official announced Canada’s decision to not attend Durban II after deeming the Conference to be anti-Israel. Shortly afterwards, France followed suit with French President Nicolas Sarkozy stating that the “excesses of 2001” transformed the Conference “into an intolerable platform against the State of Israel.” I would note also that France must be particularly loath to discuss racism now with what is happening in Guadeloupe and Martinique as I write this piece. And remembering that Paris, itself, was literally on fire just a few years ago. The UK, which has been under severe racial tests with Asians rebelling openly in the streets since Durban 2001, and the Netherlands have both threatened to withdraw their support for the Conference if a “negative spiral” of events takes place. Interestingly, these remarks came at the same time as the release of a European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance report which found that the tone of Dutch political and public debate on immigrant integration, racism, and other issues relevant to ethnic minorities, had experienced a “dramatic deterioration.” So, we shouldn’t be surprised that the racism stress test is revealing cracks and fissures in human relations. But the United States and President Obama should not shield them or this country from these stresses. This Conference gives us the opportunity to get the issues out in the open and to deal with them. That’s the way to put them to an end. The world might have changed because of events occurring in September 2001, but it wasn’t because the United Nations successfully convened the World Conference Against Racism. And now that I am as completely in the middle of the marsh as I was as completely in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea when my boat was rammed by the Israelis, let me make an observation about one aspect of marshes. I have witnessed the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets on the Savannah, Georgia marshland. And the most beautiful rainbows. Being away from the glass and concrete can give one a better perspective. I observed last year that I thought U.S. voters went to the polls in large numbers to try and regain a bit of dignity lost during the eight years of outright banditry played out in our names, with our resources, against our interests. But I was reminded at the recently adjourned Transpartisan Alliance convention in Colorado that dignity will not come without first an acknowledgment of the truth: with truth we can have justice; and with justice we can have peace; and it is only with peace that we can truly have dignity. Something as easy as a vote, alone, is not going to be enough to wrest us from this mess that has been wrought. This morning, I sent the following message to the White House: ‘Mr. President, it was with great disappointment that I read of your decision to pull out of Durban II. Even the Bush Administration, under pressure from the Congressional Black Caucus, provided some funding for the United Nations effort and sent staff to support the Congressional delegation that attended the Conference. I was there. I was head of the Congressional Black Caucus Task Force that negotiated Congressional and Administration engagement on this issue. There is still time for the U.S. to participate. Your decision is not irrevocable. I would encourage you to please reconsider this decision and not only attend the Conference, but also provide funding to ensure its success.” I implore the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus to spearhead the participation of the United States in the United Nation’s World Conference Against Racism: to boldly go where we have gone before. Dr. King reminded us that “the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” On this issue, President Obama has shown us his measure. I hope that the Congressional Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus and the Democratic Caucus can show us, oh, so much more.

Monday inspirations for the week ~ Thanks to Theodor and Elizabeth

To get you started for the week a little pep talk:

And speaking of Genius – Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss – for me he has been a great inspiration.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”   Dr. Seuss, The Lorax


Seuss Websites
There are a lot of websites devoted to Dr. Seuss and his books,  worth checking out.    

A fav. movie site:


I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, It’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, And that enables you to laugh at life’s realities.

“I speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues”  Dr. Seuss, The Lorax


Intelligent design and the Fur will Fly….

In my Inbox – adrabbit

When PETA and caring members helped convince Donna Karan to permanently remove fur from her collection, thousands of rabbits were saved from being confined in tiny cages and stripped of their skin—sometimes while still alive.

With your help, we can expand the fight against fur and save many more animals’ lives. Please support PETA’s efforts to stop this slaughter.

A recent investigation of rabbit fur farms in China and France revealed that rabbits spend their entire miserable lives in tiny wire cages in their own waste. These gentle animals never get to run, jump, dig, or play. Their slaughter is grotesquely cruel: The rabbits kick and scream before the skin is ripped off their bodies to be sold to some of the world’s top designers and retailers.

For more than a year, PETA pressured Donna Karan to switch from fur to fashionable materials that don’t harm any animals. We finally achieved a breakthrough just days after we launched a new parody Web site targeting Karan and after getting fashion icon and Project Runway star Tim Gunn to send her (and designer Giorgio Armani) an exposé narrating the gruesome undercover fur-farm video footage. It paid off! Now Karan has announced that her fall 2009 lines will be fur-free and that she has “no plans” to use fur in the future.

Major victories for animals couldn’t happen without caring supporters like you. Fighting the fur industry takes real resources. And by donating generously to PETA today, you can make sure that we can continue to fight as hard as possible to save many more animals from being butchered for their pelts.

Your gift will enable us to shine the public light of scrutiny on designers and companies that buy and sell fur, including Giorgio Armani, who is using rabbit fur in his new designs. We must push Armani to join Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne Inc., Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, J.Crew, and many other designers and companies that we have compelled to stop killing animals for fur.

Please make as generous an online donation as you possibly can to PETA today to help get fur—and the suffering it causes—off people’s backs and store racks. Thank you for all that you do to help animals and to help us stop cruelty.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. Now that PETA has persuaded Donna Karan and many other companies to get out of the fur business, we are putting the pressure on holdouts like Giorgio Armani. We won’t stop as long as any animals are still caged and killed for their skin. But we simply cannot continue this fight without committed supporters like you who will not sit by while animals suffer. Please make a tax-deductible donation today to help save lives.

I personally cannot give money to all the organizations that I would like – every time they ask and Peta asks me weekly. What I can do is spread some education and give my support and energy. And while Peta is an amazing organization – I feel a bit badgered to donate $ to them all the time. But persistence is the hallmark of a good charity organization and is why they ask. I did give them my email and I do support them. I get as much from WWF. I think that like so many we are getting “donor exhaustion” with the economy sliding down its muddy hill towards the next house that will be demolished.
I think that many of us want alternatives to action other than sending a check. Crafts and Art and donating things you do no longer need are a good way to go. Let me know if you have any others.

This last week was all about Australia and the horrific Fires – The Lynus Project and Food Pantries. I used to be so involved with Animal Rights and participated in Protests at Southwest Research and rescued animals with Man and Beast – Saved the Whales and still protest against the blanket use of pesticides on a neighborhood level hopefully saving some bees.

When I had my first child I started getting involved with children’s organizations and Feed the Children, education and relief for families in need and now I find that I am full circle back into animal rights. So I split the difference figuring that one thing will lead to another. Make the world better for all living things and the world will get better. If we eat meat I try to buy free-range and organic. I prefer fish and chicken and the sacred Turkey. We save money not eating or buying meat though no one in my family would touch Soy with a ten foot fishing pole.
I do have Fur – Vintage fur that I feel to throw away would be a double waste. I keep them in a cedar chest to show the kids and have a picture of the animal with them. It’s my own little Natural History museum. I have animal skulls from walks and Antique shows too.

I do not wear a Fur coat. I can see the attraction they are very warm. If I were in Finland and wearing one of my Reindeer that died I could relate to that.
There is fur on some of our families Native American magical tools – passed down through generations with the story of how the animal was killed or died. The honoring of the animals spirit and the presence of the animal held sacred in rituals. I grew up with my grandmother saying “never wear mink – their meat is not eaten and it stinks, never kill an animal for fashion”. I love the feel of wolf and bear and otter. I would not want to think they were kept in cages for a human’s vanity. I would much rather think of them with their families running free and safe (at least from humans) There are many people who believe it is the natural order for humans to kill animals and wear them as trophies and if you kill it in the wild skin it and fashion it into something to wear for you or yours well….we can talk. If you are going to a store and picking one up to make yourself feel snappy then you are making a choice that may not have the best “vibrational energy” attached to it and surely Karma will come calling.
We have too many factory farms that pollute the land and feed livestock more food than some people in third world countries get to feed their families. Factory farming pollutes ground water and promotes an industry of cruelty.

As the leading predators on the planet we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner in which the Earth will have balance and not need to “make adjustments” in order for the Trees to breathe and the animals to sing. I see no other animals except for Red Ants – that so thoroughly destroy everything in their path. We are becoming Toxic – to the planet and ourselves. If you are a huge fan of fur I am not judging you. I think that would not be proper. I would ask you to think – to buy responsibly and buy a fur that is Vintage and have it remade or to just think long and hard about the choices you make and why you make them. I myself am trying this year to make better choices and to share that we do have a choice and a voice and that if we all were to re-think what is chic and delicious, we would all have a better chance in this world for survival.
Most people I know do not buy designer garb but I like this website none-the-less
I have definite thoughts as to what is “Luxury” and it does not jive with the fashionistas looking to make a buck on the backs of suffering animals.
I love Ingrid (Pres. Of Peta) for making me think. But I want more education and less asking for money.
My next soapbox presentation will be in Powerpoint and about the overfishing the oceans and saving the Whales. See you next week.furdraged

The great Audubon Backyard Bird Count Feb13-16th !!


Today starts the annual winter bird count in North America – if you have never done this – it is wonderful and fun. If you have kids – you will not want to miss this chance to participate in a live counting of birds by backyard birders. Go to the above link for more information. I am sorry I did not post this sooner. I have been a bit wonky lately, Fires, floods, tornadoes, people loosing their jobs. I feel like I want to just hide out with the nuns and pray all day for the world to be saved. Instead it has been massive Valentines work for the grades and kids. Valentines was always such a sweet holiday and now it seems like a competion. Mabey I just never noticed it before.

Anyway, get out there in Nature this weekend and count some birds – print your certificate and have joy in the fact that we still have Chickadees and Cardinals and Owls and Hawks.

What is your favorite bird? Be sure to enter the photo contest!!

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