G-20 protesters break into Royal Bank of Scotland – No Joke Jolly Good Blokes.


The love of money and all that (root of evil).  Nobody can protest like the Brits. Unless you want to count the Anti-World Trade Movement peeps. A great Movie if you have not seen it is – Battle in Seattle http://www.battleinseattlemovie.com/  Directed by Stuart Townsend, who is turning into a fine director.

The G-20 protests are just getting started and I wish them all the luck in their peaceful protest against the coming darkness. I do believe that the(*Evil bad) Bankers, Usery merchants (Credit Cards) and Insurance Fraud pushers will all have their special places in hell.

Always inspiring. I would answer this call warning of the Zombies of death, and oh yes…I live by the river.

I adore the lovely Lilly Allen.

Newspapers dying. A whole generation that cannot hold a conversation unless it includes staring at their phone. I still have hope. I have met a few lately that can actually close their phone and want to plant a garden. Learn a little about printing won’t you? The end of the information age is being born at the same time as the boom of information available at your fingertips. Everything and nothing that you ever wanted to know – electronically sent to you.

And what happens when the lights go out eh?




Its all bollocks – death to the Zombie banks! Let them die.




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