Mixed hope…

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” Ralph Waldo Emerson


     By Lily-Therese “Sacred Dove”

Oh Great Spirit, Our Father, whose breath of Life we experience in every direction of our great nations, hear us. Great Spirit whose voice we hear in silence and in the roar of thunder, listen to our prayers for World Peace. We come to you as the children of all great nations; in love, faith, trust, and unity.

Father Sky bring us warm rains of cleansing waters. Give us clouds with silver linings and the ability to cope during the wind’s of change and uncertainty. Mother Earth bring us an abundance of food to feed all the nations. Give us a bountiful harvest to nourish those that walk on two legs, those that walk on four legs, those that fly, swim and crawl. Grandfather Sun, shine brightly on all nations. Grandmother Moon light our way in times of darkness.

Creator of all great nations bless all of your creations, sky eagle and tiny ant, great bear and majestic mountains, winding rivers and powerful oceans, rain forest and desert sands, mighty trees and green valleys, fish in the seas and birds in the air, tricky coyote, and peaceful dove.

Bless the weak, the hungry, the lonely, and the homeless. Bless the poor and the rich, the mighty and the fearful. Give us strength to fight the powers of darkness. Give us hope in times of depression, faith in times of fear, and a joyful loving heart. Give us healing in spite of our negative emotions and love to replace all hate.

Great Spirit, Light of the World, bless all of the Great Nations and bring peace and harmony to our universe. Heal, bless, prosper, and unite All Nations through the power of Your unconditional Love.


So must it be.

I have mixed hope today as we begin this new Journey. I feel the joy and desire and the shedding of skin that so many in our nation are feeling. I get that Obama is a one man stimulus package and that so many are so liberated on this day of days. I still though feel just a little empty, mabey by the end of the day it will be better and I will get caught up in the waves of hope and speratus.

My little children are filled with the belief and the faith of change. My Son has been a huge Obama fan since day one, as was my teen. My youngest is all Native American and a Green Party witch like her mother. My husband – King of the proletariats and busker hater finds the whole Obama experience a bit over the top “Hollywood”, he is disgusted by the commercialization of a sacred transfer of power.  I think he is secretly happy and hopeful, but must remain gruff for the sake of the children and realistic expectaions. He did not diss the homemade apple cinnamon bundt cake.

I do not hide the fact of my dissapointment over once again no woman as Commander in Chief but I know our time will come and I celebrate the overwhelming Joy that people are feeling. It will be different, I am just not sure how much. The Masks are different and there is Historical Precedence. The world may indeed for a time see America as being or becoming a different animal. Time will tell. Ghandi said “You must be the change” You. No one man can save us, not even you Bono though I am willing for you to try.

I think this is my favorite blog right now and you might enjoy living the experience through her eyes. http://www.tayarijones.com/blog/ 

Tayari Jones a brilliant writer and a lovely woman inside and out. For her I am happy. For my children who still are filled with hope and delight and believe all things good are possible.

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  1. HorrorFatale
    Jan 26, 2009 @ 17:51:27

    I’m hoping people were really listening to Obama’s speech. Because like he said most of the change is going to have to come from us, he’s the president not the messiah. I actually think the commercialization of the transfer of power is a bit of a good thing, and I tell you why.

    We as a country spent the duration of Bush’s presidency in complete denial of the illegal activities going on supposedly on our behalfs. We never required any checks and balances of the executive branch and they ran amuck. Whereas, with this presidency I am hoping for the true transparency we were promised.

    I do think we will have a female president, a gay president, a hispanic, a non-christian, an atheist. But, it takes time to make strides like this in our country. I think we have obviously come a long way, but we have a long way to go.


  2. Lily-Therese Sacred Dove
    Jun 08, 2009 @ 12:48:35

    My name is Lily-Therese “Sacred Dove”

    I am the woman that wrote the prayer called,
    ” A Prayer for the Healing of Nations.” Thank you for helping me to continue to keep it circulating. Thank you so much for including it on your website. I appreciate it deeply. Keep up the good work. May the Great Spirit bless you and your family always. Thank you also for being the beautiful person that you are. I will refer people to your web site. I love the name, Lady of the Lake. Perhaps we will meet one day. :0)

    Many Blessins,
    Lily-Therese “Sacred Dove”


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