I love robots and science and mythology. I have my Masters in Art History.
I was born in Texas and raised in California and Texas.
I am a Mom and a Wife and I write Children’s Books for a living and study Crypto-Zooogy with emphasis on Lake and River monsters. We live in Wisconsin and I am working on my Master Gardener certification – Children’s Gardens. I love all things political and Space, I still think of Pluto as a planet and think if my children are Physicists instead of actors I will have done my job. I would like a nice pastery chef in the family… Although Actors are ok I think the work is to grueling and painful. I would love for them to be explorers or even just happy little writers of fairy tales.

*June 2 edit* – My youngest informed me over the weekend that she is going to be a dancer/actress and that I better support her in this. So …. Acting it is and I realize that whatever they do will have it’s painful moments and hardships and that if they are happy in what they want to do in life that is all that matters. Really. I am sure trying to compete for that research grant and getting that patent is going to be just as hard and stressfilled. I just want them to be strong and caring people. That is what is important.**
I love crafting and recycling. I believe in animal rights and think that trees are the most magical things on the planet. I do not like evil Girl Scout moms and people that drive while on their cellphones (really-your idiots).
I like writing an electronic journal because I think it is a living breathing thing to write and share your thoughts even if it is just something you do for yourself so you dont go crazy mopping the floors and doing laundry inbetween sharpening pencils.
If I could do one thing in the world – it would be making sure every child is safe and warm and has something to eat, drink and read and that they felt they were truly loved.

 I adore JK Rowling, DF Jones and my favorite writer of all time is George MacDonald who is pretty much the writer father of us all. He is my hero. Additional woman heros are Nancy Griffith and Beatrice Wood both who were mothers to me and helped and inspired me when I needed it most. I am in love with Joseph Campbell and Queen Elizabeth.
I am Cherokee, Scotts/Irish, English and German. I am married to a Norweigian Greek.

I love Puppets and animation. I am dyslexic and hate  learning to tolerate getting old.

George MacDonald Quote
“I learned that it was not myself but only my shadow that I had lost. I learned that it is better . . . for a proud man to fall and be humbled than to hold up his head in pride and fancied innocence. I learned that he that will be a hero, will barely be a man; that he that will be nothing but a doer of his work, is sure of his manhood.”
Phantastes Chapter 22′

“I have never concealed the fact that I regarded him as my master; indeed I fancy I have never written a book in which I did not quote from him.”

I love a bit of Jane Austin too if is to be known. I rarely throw anything away. We try and recycle everything.
I’ll add to this if I can think of anything else.


 I miss California and the poppies. I miss Texas and the BlueBonnets. I love the woods of Wisconsin.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Catherinette
    Dec 20, 2008 @ 23:00:28

    Hey, I tried to send you the password but the email you gave me keeps kicking it pack.

    Email me, will ya? catherinette.singleton@gmail.com


    • lilikaofthelake
      Dec 24, 2008 @ 11:45:01

      our service has been down because of ice on the lines brrrrrrrrrrrrr they should have it fixed in a few days (hopefully!!!) at least we still have electricity (knocking on wood) and another 5-6 inches today.


  2. alwaysjan
    Dec 31, 2008 @ 01:42:50

    I’m so glad to have stumbled upon your site (via my old friend Catherine Sherman). I live in South Pasadena, so your recollections of the swap meet at the Rose Bowl are all too familiar. Just glad to see you’re wearing a beret and not a piece of cheese as headgear. 🙂 My friend in England bought me a beret when she went to Paris, but alas it was manufactured in China.:(

    I’m English, Welsh, Scottish-Irish (or as my mother liked to say, “Orange Irish”) and German. I’d been to Europe 25 years ago, but our trip to England last year was my first. Last summer my friend and her family visited us, so we’ve declared that we’re “friends for life.”

    I, too, love Joseph Campbell and anything having to do with gardening. I wrote my planet report in the third grade on Pluto, and it was a very short report indeed. I also hate getting old(er). Sending warm thoughts to Wisconsin. Cheers!


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