Produce the Note – in case you are in Foreclosure.

I am so sorry if you are. We are renters and did not try for a Ninja loan or the ARM or whatever shady thing they were selling – husband was not sure if we were going to move to Hawaii and a million other reasons. Still I am seeing so many around us that we know going to into Forclosure. Losing their jobs, their cars, homes – everything. Beyond stressful and sad. I saw this on ABC and it can buy you a bit of time – Good luck.

I thought that we – as renters – would not see to much of the horror but I was wrong. It is starting to effect every caste and every hamlet and village. I am so glad I watched all those Waltons episodes and listened to my Grandmothers about the Depression. I do still wish we had bought a farm though.

Good night Barack and Michelle.

Mr. Splashy Pants, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and wtf are we doing to our world?

First let me just say it is not just Japan, Iceland and Norway. The USA has some nasty business going on too and if you have time and the inclination, write a letter a poem, a blog post, paint a painting, make a quilt, a cake or just a ruckuss. This cannot happen on our watch. We cannot let whales be hunted in great numbers again.

I just want to also point out that said nations are suffering some nasty times. Coincidence? I think not. Notice the first part is “Coin”. I am thinking Nature is starting to pull the plug there pirates. Lets help her along shall we. Give voice to end this disgusting symptom of corruption, greed and evil.

It is good to see Green Peace alive and well and thriving. I am in full support of them getting better tech than the whalers and the creepy oil tankers need to be done as well. Where are all the solar powered ships and the submarines? I would like to see our Navy become involved in the protection of the Oceans and her creatures.

“Whaling is the illegal practice of whale hunting for commercial purposes. The practice has been prevalent since the *16th century and was condemned and declared illegal after five of the thirteen big whales were found to be endangered. In spite of this ban, Japanese ships are reported to have killed five whales in the Southern ocean.
The incidence has occurred even as Australian foreign minister Stephen Smith discussed the issue of whaling with his Japanese counterpart, Masahiko Komura in a meeting held between the two. During the meeting Mr. Smith is said to have strongly opposed Japanese whaling programs and Mr. Komura seemed to support him in his talks. According to a spokesman,  During the meeting the two countries have agreed to disagree on this issue. This whaling incident took place when Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd ships had to inevitably return to refuel their vessels in Australia. Taking advantage of the situation five whales in the Southern Ocean were killed. The executive director of Sea Shepherd Kim McCoy who was on board the Steve Irwin ship describes the incidence as ‘incredibly frustrating’.  

Source: Brisbane times

* My research shows that families in Japan have historically hunted whales even before the 13th century – and much like the Native Americans in Alaska (Inuit) it was a village tradition that was season specific and highly ritualized , they did not factory farm the whales in huge killing machines, they were matched with whales spear and spout. The rights of indiginious peoples to practice their religious connections to the land are not being discussed this posting – it is the large scale factory illegal farming that I am protesting. If the tools evolve then there needs to be an understanding that the rules have changed. Nature will not tolerate the strip mining for long and will eventually step in and give some penalties.


Image: Greenpeace

I have never ceased to be amazed at the avarice of whale hunters..And that whole “research” sign on the hunter ship is just sick. The Japanese government allowing/claiming research on whales only to kill them, slice them up on the sly and sell their meat is beyond reasonable. When they have signed treaties to end the hunting of whales – which are intelligent ancient mammals – they need to stick to their word.

Very bad Karma.

Obviously the Japanese, Icelandic, USA and Norwegian, (and other) Ministers are corrupt and need to watch Star Trek the Voyage Home about a million times. Like the world does not have enough corruption.

An alternative use for these hunter ships could be deep ocean research with robots – technology and power used for good not evil.  They could lease their boats to (non-evil) scientific teams and explore the ocean and develop even better GPS – Aqua robotic sensor environments for the purpose of underwater houses and agro deep sea farming – large kelp beds. Huge money in this. Much more than tuna or whales – I am proposing the use of (non-evil) technology and the great fortunes to be made on the development and capture of patents and product. How’s that boys? Swimming in cash and not killing anything!  Finding a Green and non-invasive way to build in the deep oceans will make whatever government(s) pioneering this tech, wealthy beyond reason – not even going to mention the ancillary Space research you could get in on with such technologies or the cool t-shirts you could sell made out of organic kelp. So let’s leave the fish and the whales alone and evolve. Take it to the next step Boys and all the Ships at sea. Looks like it is time for a new Moby Dick movie, mabey Old School Japanes style with a modern GreenPeace twist.  

Or…..if you like…if you insist…

We could go all GMO – human DNA mixed with killer whales and even the battle out a bit.


Science rules – killers of whales drool.

I grew up watching the amazing Jacques-Yves Cousteau and our Under Sea World. We need these programs much more than reality TV and tmz. We need to realize again what is important.

leviathan_final and it is not killing whales.

Interested in other opinions on whaling?

And you have to see this page to realize the full scope of Government involvment for the Japanese. (Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research) (great article on Icelandic pick-up of whaling to “save” their economic situation)  (Norway on Whaling)

Animal Planet – Mother Jones article – (wow)

Thursday, cold and windy, a little scary… but warm hearted.

This last one is a fav. a bit scary and hilarious at the same time. I think that reality is slowly becoming a “how you edit it” thing. I hope your internal editor is kind today and that your lighting people make you glow and look fabulous.


That’s no ordinary Rabbit….

had me thinking.

I think Karl has watched to much Monty Python.

Intelligent design and the Fur will Fly….

In my Inbox – adrabbit

When PETA and caring members helped convince Donna Karan to permanently remove fur from her collection, thousands of rabbits were saved from being confined in tiny cages and stripped of their skin—sometimes while still alive.

With your help, we can expand the fight against fur and save many more animals’ lives. Please support PETA’s efforts to stop this slaughter.

A recent investigation of rabbit fur farms in China and France revealed that rabbits spend their entire miserable lives in tiny wire cages in their own waste. These gentle animals never get to run, jump, dig, or play. Their slaughter is grotesquely cruel: The rabbits kick and scream before the skin is ripped off their bodies to be sold to some of the world’s top designers and retailers.

For more than a year, PETA pressured Donna Karan to switch from fur to fashionable materials that don’t harm any animals. We finally achieved a breakthrough just days after we launched a new parody Web site targeting Karan and after getting fashion icon and Project Runway star Tim Gunn to send her (and designer Giorgio Armani) an exposé narrating the gruesome undercover fur-farm video footage. It paid off! Now Karan has announced that her fall 2009 lines will be fur-free and that she has “no plans” to use fur in the future.

Major victories for animals couldn’t happen without caring supporters like you. Fighting the fur industry takes real resources. And by donating generously to PETA today, you can make sure that we can continue to fight as hard as possible to save many more animals from being butchered for their pelts.

Your gift will enable us to shine the public light of scrutiny on designers and companies that buy and sell fur, including Giorgio Armani, who is using rabbit fur in his new designs. We must push Armani to join Donna Karan, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne Inc., Polo Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, J.Crew, and many other designers and companies that we have compelled to stop killing animals for fur.

Please make as generous an online donation as you possibly can to PETA today to help get fur—and the suffering it causes—off people’s backs and store racks. Thank you for all that you do to help animals and to help us stop cruelty.

Kind regards,

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. Now that PETA has persuaded Donna Karan and many other companies to get out of the fur business, we are putting the pressure on holdouts like Giorgio Armani. We won’t stop as long as any animals are still caged and killed for their skin. But we simply cannot continue this fight without committed supporters like you who will not sit by while animals suffer. Please make a tax-deductible donation today to help save lives.

I personally cannot give money to all the organizations that I would like – every time they ask and Peta asks me weekly. What I can do is spread some education and give my support and energy. And while Peta is an amazing organization – I feel a bit badgered to donate $ to them all the time. But persistence is the hallmark of a good charity organization and is why they ask. I did give them my email and I do support them. I get as much from WWF. I think that like so many we are getting “donor exhaustion” with the economy sliding down its muddy hill towards the next house that will be demolished.
I think that many of us want alternatives to action other than sending a check. Crafts and Art and donating things you do no longer need are a good way to go. Let me know if you have any others.

This last week was all about Australia and the horrific Fires – The Lynus Project and Food Pantries. I used to be so involved with Animal Rights and participated in Protests at Southwest Research and rescued animals with Man and Beast – Saved the Whales and still protest against the blanket use of pesticides on a neighborhood level hopefully saving some bees.

When I had my first child I started getting involved with children’s organizations and Feed the Children, education and relief for families in need and now I find that I am full circle back into animal rights. So I split the difference figuring that one thing will lead to another. Make the world better for all living things and the world will get better. If we eat meat I try to buy free-range and organic. I prefer fish and chicken and the sacred Turkey. We save money not eating or buying meat though no one in my family would touch Soy with a ten foot fishing pole.
I do have Fur – Vintage fur that I feel to throw away would be a double waste. I keep them in a cedar chest to show the kids and have a picture of the animal with them. It’s my own little Natural History museum. I have animal skulls from walks and Antique shows too.

I do not wear a Fur coat. I can see the attraction they are very warm. If I were in Finland and wearing one of my Reindeer that died I could relate to that.
There is fur on some of our families Native American magical tools – passed down through generations with the story of how the animal was killed or died. The honoring of the animals spirit and the presence of the animal held sacred in rituals. I grew up with my grandmother saying “never wear mink – their meat is not eaten and it stinks, never kill an animal for fashion”. I love the feel of wolf and bear and otter. I would not want to think they were kept in cages for a human’s vanity. I would much rather think of them with their families running free and safe (at least from humans) There are many people who believe it is the natural order for humans to kill animals and wear them as trophies and if you kill it in the wild skin it and fashion it into something to wear for you or yours well….we can talk. If you are going to a store and picking one up to make yourself feel snappy then you are making a choice that may not have the best “vibrational energy” attached to it and surely Karma will come calling.
We have too many factory farms that pollute the land and feed livestock more food than some people in third world countries get to feed their families. Factory farming pollutes ground water and promotes an industry of cruelty.

As the leading predators on the planet we have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner in which the Earth will have balance and not need to “make adjustments” in order for the Trees to breathe and the animals to sing. I see no other animals except for Red Ants – that so thoroughly destroy everything in their path. We are becoming Toxic – to the planet and ourselves. If you are a huge fan of fur I am not judging you. I think that would not be proper. I would ask you to think – to buy responsibly and buy a fur that is Vintage and have it remade or to just think long and hard about the choices you make and why you make them. I myself am trying this year to make better choices and to share that we do have a choice and a voice and that if we all were to re-think what is chic and delicious, we would all have a better chance in this world for survival.
Most people I know do not buy designer garb but I like this website none-the-less
I have definite thoughts as to what is “Luxury” and it does not jive with the fashionistas looking to make a buck on the backs of suffering animals.
I love Ingrid (Pres. Of Peta) for making me think. But I want more education and less asking for money.
My next soapbox presentation will be in Powerpoint and about the overfishing the oceans and saving the Whales. See you next week.furdraged

Torchwood Children of Earth Official Trailor

Ribbons and Laces and sweet pretty faces…

Dear Diary – (that anyone in the Universe could read if they so wanted)…
It has been a long February. Girl Scout meetings with the helpers from hell, Kiwanis Speech in a loud and busy restaurant where I was interrupted about ten times, seriously harshing my environmental mellow. Dickens papers to grade and poetry to teach, Snow to battle and economic crisis looming around every corner. The end of eras – no more L word or time spent alone.

The treaty negotiations between my other half and myself continues as to who is paying less quality attention at night to the children. We all know the answer to that one. Who is the video game addict in the house? (Hint – not me) but then I refuse to clean their rooms for them so I am neglectful also.
Bitter much? Indeed but I think every moment should be spent on making them better able to cope in life not teaching them to plug in and feed their desire for stimulation and distraction. Okay Diary moving on –

I have been fighting the winter doldrums and the white out snow effects on one’s eyes when you venture outside midafternoon and someone has absconded with your sunshades. Leaving you (me) blind for hours. It seems just evil that it should be so bright and yet so cold.

This month seems to be filled with things that can from one moment to the next make me burst into tears. Too much sun, not enough sun, Laundry left everywhere by everyone – but for only me to notice. I was not feeling very Valentiny. Was brought some delicious Starbucks and a card. Kids and I got lovely roses last week (I hate to spend money on roses during the big rush it just seems crazy so Seraph always brings them early). My little one was sick last week at the first of the school week and there was much throwing up on the carpet. Hand scrubbing and carpet shampoo-ed. More dishes than usual and I swear I am hearing bears breathing outside the windows at night. No not feeling the whole “Bliss filled be mine” sentiment.

But then last week helping the little ones with their amazing valentine creations that they would be sharing on their Friday the 13th party – I started to tear up realizing I perhaps had one more year of getting to help them, glue and color and trim – even purchase Valentine tokens for their classmates. I soaked in the moment and let Valentines wash over me. I opened to the spirit of Hallmark and chocolates.

My little boy is also having a hard time of it this year. Whereas he was very popular last year with girls in his class and even gave a few who adored him actual jewelry ( vintage rings and necklaces from my old shop), this year he is suffering with being labeled “disgusting”. It’s not just him, other boys are meeting the same fate as the dominate second grade girls decide they no longer can tolerate boys and that they want nothing to do with them. My dearest boy though is still in the liking girls’ mode and is at a loss as to why he can no longer play kickball with his good friends and why they would choose not to sit with him at lunch. I find the whole thing heartbreaking and the Valentines party was no better – obviously all parents making out Valentines so that no one would be left out – as is standard operating procedure. The girls were very haughty and stuck to themselves.

I tried to remember this time for my oldest – but she still liked boys and had mostly boy friends in our neighborhood. Being a Tom boy it was not until fifth grade that the boy hatred sank in and only seemed to last that one year.

My littlest still adores boys and they are adorable, kind and cute, small and quiet. Their valentines made out in their little six and seven year old hand. Her party was a whole different world and That is the magic of First grade. They are still equals and still kind.

I told my son that it will not be like this forever – the girls being so angry and annoyed with the boys. In fact there will be a time when he might even wish they were not paying quite so much attention to him. I doubt it, but I could tell that made him feel better. We seem to just have a batch of incredibly aggressive and hostile girls this year in his class. About half the parents are divorced. This is the same in my Girl Scout troop and it keeps me on my toes with all the politics and the maneuvering between parents – the political correctness and keeping each parent equally involved. Meetings and events can be so stress filled. I have first graders and we have group meetings with Boy scouts their ages –around four times a year, Green Party nature outings. I plan on everyone getting along and treating each other with respect. Even if they are sticky and pick their nose and sneeze and are really loud and push to get up front “Puppy dog tails” I tell the girls, snips and snails and we will get along with the boys.

Sugar and Spice and everything nice. That’s what little girls are made of. So everything nice it is.

I think it’s time for a new telling of that Nursery Rhyme.

So diary dear till the next holiday, I will say thank you for helping me to remember.

The great Audubon Backyard Bird Count Feb13-16th !!


Today starts the annual winter bird count in North America – if you have never done this – it is wonderful and fun. If you have kids – you will not want to miss this chance to participate in a live counting of birds by backyard birders. Go to the above link for more information. I am sorry I did not post this sooner. I have been a bit wonky lately, Fires, floods, tornadoes, people loosing their jobs. I feel like I want to just hide out with the nuns and pray all day for the world to be saved. Instead it has been massive Valentines work for the grades and kids. Valentines was always such a sweet holiday and now it seems like a competion. Mabey I just never noticed it before.

Anyway, get out there in Nature this weekend and count some birds – print your certificate and have joy in the fact that we still have Chickadees and Cardinals and Owls and Hawks.

What is your favorite bird? Be sure to enter the photo contest!!

I am so in love with Ingrid.

All those opera lessons…

My daughter the Opera singer – has chosen to Waldorf home school for the last semester of High School.  She wanted to go straight to work – she sings at weddings and is busy doing voice overs. Sadly no interest in college which made me weep but it is her choice in the end. She plays the harp and is mean as a snake very stong, focused and independant. She is an excellent student of the arts, science and history. We have spent a small fortune over the years on music lessons. These kinds of investments pay off in many ways. I am hoping that our country will think of investing in our nations children in the same fashion.

She is moving to Japan this summer and I am so … beyond happy for her future. She wishes to study music and travel with her friends. Plan B is she is also studying to be a Pastery Chef (lucky us!!)

My treasure. No time for boys or nonsense and stupid frivolity – she is all music and poetry, anime and Korean pop stars – her friends also. A cult of good girls with lovely manners and a sense of community. Not interested in the latest fashion thing they can waste money on or how their hair and makeup look. Sort of high tech vegetarian hippies with robots and organic Kiss my face products.

She and her best friend also have this “major” crush on the Flight of the Concords – I mean “major” and on the weekends here it is folk song city and all about baking with giggly girls.

Major. The sweetness fills the air like a baby’s laughter. There is no greater sound…even when they get older. I am a lucky mum. I feel very braggy because I was listening to her songs and thinking how it is to be young and just starting the journey. Remember?

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