Happy Birthday Jacob…

grimmon2Though my blog says it is Jan 5th for me in the Midwest it is still Jan 4th 7pm. and Jan. 4th is Jacob Grimm’s birthday and for me there is many a reason to rejoice in this day. As a child I loved reading Grimm’s fairy Tales – as much as Hans Christian Anderson’s lovely stories of brave children and harsh times. Edith Hamilton’s books on Mythology would round out my fantasy world and my parents were lucky if I came out of these imaginary lives for even a moment. I would sit in my club house closet or lay outside on the lawn under the oak trees and read all weekend till it was dark and sometimes with a candle or flashlight. My favorite stories were the ones of Princesses and of little brothers and sisters battling forces to save one another. National Geographic’s site on the Grimms Fairy Tales is truly a great tribute and lots of fun to do with or without kids. For my kids I have collected these books in Hardbound gold edged editions found for cheap on Amazon or at used book sales over the years.

January is a bleak time in the Northern Hem. the skies tend more towards grey. The air is crispsometimes biting, but there are many interesting things to do and people to celebrate. Here are some January Links for you and yours, mostly kid related.

The time of Brigid draws ever closer and in our Wiccan communities many of us scrub every inch of our houses from top to bottom with magical concocotions of natural cleansers and sacred salts preparing for Imbolic, myself included. No light task with the old man winter still howling through the cracks reminding us he is still here a bit longer. Whispery night winds move across the windows leaving behind their icey feathery songs.
MidWinter approaches and the days will be filled with school and making candles and soaps, taking down the Yule/Christmas décor and changing the focus towards the coming of Spring.
It is time to reach deep inside and reflect on the quiet Earth. Feel the bulbs reach out their roots and the trees dreaming – beginning to awake. Animals carrying their young soon to be born. The time of bonfires and goal setting. The lake move under its heavy coat of ice, the rivers shiver in their winter slumber.

It is has been a very nice Winter vacation filled with Wizard 101 and games for the kids and books and movies for mommy. I do feel the hope that is just over the horizon so many are yearning for. I do believe that this will be a wonderful year. Dear Jacob would love these times we live in. Like one of his stories we are moving through the days of fear and sorrow towards a softer time and a safer tommorow. I wish you all Happy Endings. May you live Happily Ever after. (Even you poor old witches – that’s another story for another day)


grimmfairytales7snowwhitethesevendw I do rather like the Zenescope comic book “retold” stories of the Grimm fairy Tales and I did like the recent movie though I do not care for Matt Damon one fig – I adore Heath Ledger and love love love Terry Gilliam, and Monica Bellucci whom I have had a huge crush on since the Matrix – she is my “perfect woman” in my imagination. Equal to her beauty is Guy Dyas’s amazing Production Design. grimms-brothers

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Catherine Sherman
    Jan 07, 2009 @ 20:55:56

    I couldn’t get enough of Grimm’s fairy tales, either. This is a beautiful post. Thanks.


  2. alwaysjan
    Jan 10, 2009 @ 18:16:45

    As a child I had both Hans Christian Anderson and Grimm’s Fairy Tales with that magical gold on the edge of the pages. My mother always thought the Grimm tales were just that – grim. But I loved them and can still conjure up visions of the illustration that accompanied each story. When I read you found some hard bound copies on eBay, I panicked for just a second. Fortunately, my parents are just coming out of the Dark Ages, when it comes to computers. I know my books are safe at home on a shelf in my parents’ basement waiting for me.


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