Wintery weekend.


We do not have our tree yet – usually we go to the tree farm and cut one down the day after ThanksGiving – but I was sick all that Holiday for about four days and nothing got done. I am still playing catch-up, I was well rested though. It is cold and slushy today and the world is filled with business that needs taken care of.

This weekend we went to the Dousman Stage Coach Inn museum in Elmbrook where they had a Civil War type set up and it was lovely. My husband loved how there was very little clutter or posessions in the early days. He sighed and I could see him wander in his mind back to a simple -less commercial  time. All I could think of was how cold it was and that I would have much prefered a nice Wood Fireplace rather than the Coal stoves that people thought were so cool back in the day. Dirty, yucky and expensive. I did not get into a fight with any of the sweet old ladies pushing what a luxury coal was back in the day and how all the “finer” families wanted them. I bit my lip and did not pitch a rant how that was the start of the Corporations and the “man” taking away freedoms. Nope I just marched the kids downstairs to listen to the flutes and eat some cookies. I did notice – no indoor bathrooms and was grateful at last for our monkey sized 1/2 bath from the 1950s and could let that go. I dream of a giant bathroom, when most of the world would like clean water ….yes I know I am a pig – everyone has their thing. It was a nice education filled weekend for the kiddies. Yesterday was all Harry Potter and this site for Inspiration and Just a general coolness factor – Which is also my favorite site I have found on StumbleUpon. I found looking for Japanese snow monkey pictures. Found Bran has been there for ages and so has Jane and Ari.
Found an amazing cooking site and some great sites on Mythology and Science. It is a treasure trove of cat and kitten pictures. Fun place if you have not been.

I want to get our Solstice tree and decorate – I want this Xmas to be more about the whole “Energy of the Sun and ancient peoples fear of winter and realization of Hope in the darkness” and of course Santa and Baby Jesus and Mary (poor Joseph) and the three wise Men, Frosty, Rudolph and the elves, The Snow Queen and the Wind Wolves with Hannuka and Kwanzi candles, Kali candy and Poseidon fish.  Yep I think I will set them all up together in a great Festivis display.


My favorite Santa picture by Mark Buy his art .
So I am off to make some Chili and cornbread – box up some packages and try to clean my house. It is so grey and cold. I wonder how frontier women coped
or how my wonderful Native American Grandmothers got it up to get it done in the mornings without a pot full of coffee and some CNN or Xmas tunes on the radio.
I suppose their 12 children kept them pretty busy when they were not out chopping wood or skinning breakfast.
I am very grateful today for warm blankets, coffee pots and coffee, tea and biscuits and a stove, hot water, clean towels and that I do not have to skin our food. Oh and Zombie/Natzi movies, Jane Austin and Suki/Vampire books.
Overall…its a good day.


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