All those opera lessons…

My daughter the Opera singer – has chosen to Waldorf home school for the last semester of High School.  She wanted to go straight to work – she sings at weddings and is busy doing voice overs. Sadly no interest in college which made me weep but it is her choice in the end. She plays the harp and is mean as a snake very stong, focused and independant. She is an excellent student of the arts, science and history. We have spent a small fortune over the years on music lessons. These kinds of investments pay off in many ways. I am hoping that our country will think of investing in our nations children in the same fashion.

She is moving to Japan this summer and I am so … beyond happy for her future. She wishes to study music and travel with her friends. Plan B is she is also studying to be a Pastery Chef (lucky us!!)

My treasure. No time for boys or nonsense and stupid frivolity – she is all music and poetry, anime and Korean pop stars – her friends also. A cult of good girls with lovely manners and a sense of community. Not interested in the latest fashion thing they can waste money on or how their hair and makeup look. Sort of high tech vegetarian hippies with robots and organic Kiss my face products.

She and her best friend also have this “major” crush on the Flight of the Concords – I mean “major” and on the weekends here it is folk song city and all about baking with giggly girls.

Major. The sweetness fills the air like a baby’s laughter. There is no greater sound…even when they get older. I am a lucky mum. I feel very braggy because I was listening to her songs and thinking how it is to be young and just starting the journey. Remember?

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  1. Catherine Sherman
    Feb 11, 2009 @ 23:06:53

    When I read this, I thought, OMG, that’s my daughter, vegan musician who’s crazy about Flight of the Conchords and loves Japan, which we visited once for two weeks. I worry about her supporting herself with her ideas of wandering the country and trying to sell music. She is more of a computer composer/audio engineer, has terrible stage fright and is a perfectionist when she plays her guitar to the point of not enjoying it. She did graduate from a music college, but that hasn’t helped her find a job in that field. It’s jump in and do it yourself….Her boyfriend is her male twin, and I worry about the pair of them. They say the music business is getting worse and worse. Anyway, I really enjoyed this post. Yes, the journey……..


  2. lilikaofthelake
    Feb 12, 2009 @ 12:19:22

    It is so hard to let them go – never mind let them go off into the wilds of the Arts. They might as well be telling us they want to be bear hunters or study to become Village idiots (my first thought) but let them go we must – with joy in our hearts that they are choosing something – in the long run -that makes the world a better place. I know so many people – myself included that are not using their art degrees in the ways they were intended. Have faith and know at least this – our grandchildrens worlds will be filled with songs and laughter and music. And that is something.
    ((I do push the plan B, everyone needs to eat pastries)).

    Mabey we should start a group – Mother’s of wandering Make videos ala Joseph Cambell style of the “myth” behind singing in Japan and how cool it is. Teaching is always an option if the HBO contract is slow in coming. Nice to know there are others in the boat!


  3. alwaysjan
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 00:14:49

    Hey, I’m slogging through the trenches of teaching while that contract with HBO is in the works. On any given day I AM the village idiot, so I’m available for tutoring (worst case career scenario). I do believe it all comes down to following your passion, wherever that may take you. For the record, I too am passionate about “Flight of the Concords.”


  4. lilikaofthelake
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 06:30:04

    HA! Jan you have the hard job but the most rewarding I think. I actually sat down last week and watched Flight of the Concords with my daughter and was very impressed. I saw it reviewed on Sunday Morning (my entertanment guru) so I was open to the madness. I was pleasantly surprised and now can not stop singing “I have hurt feelings”.


  5. Catherine Sherman
    Feb 13, 2009 @ 09:52:01

    Thanks for the link to the minstrels webpage. Ryan, my daughter’s boyfriend, says he and my daughter are troubadors (if only she’d get over her stage fright), but I said the modern term was buskers, if they were looking for money rather than love for their musical efforts. They say, “Yes, money is good.”


    • lilikaofthelake
      Feb 13, 2009 @ 18:22:03

      Catherine, I want a shirt that says that “money is good” in the color of green of course. I am amazed at all the shows with singing that are popping up. Recession/Depression = musical numbers perhaps?
      Jan, Have a great weekend with the folks. It is supposed to snow here tommorow.
      I was thinking this afternoon…we all look to young to have grown children.


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