Snow Day 08


My vintage paper nativity that we set up before the annual addition of Star Wars creatures, Penguins and Beany Stuffies and Bratz dolls. We watched the little drummer boy while putting it up and I just love that animation.

Snow day today – The early start of Christmas VayK – The robotic message came this morning about 5:30. All schools closed and it is an official snowday. Everyone here at home has colds so it is an easy quiet day filled with rest and soft comforts and I am making chicken soup and then enchilladas for our Christmas Eve dinner where we do a sort of TexMex thing.
My family always does this Xmas Eve of the Dead kind of ancestor worshippy feel celebration…I love the mexican Xmas eve dinner it is the perfect send off to the old year.
The menue is :Tamales which I usually buy but if the weather stays yucky will have to make them. Spanish Rice, Veggies, enchilladas, tacos and chalupas and sophapias. Chicken nachos and the good hot cheese dip. Chocolate oreo cookie pie. We are not vegetarian but when I was we just skipped the meat and had more beans and corn. For the Solstice this weekend I wanted to make Turkey again because Thanksgiving was wonderful and I let the kids all pick a thing to make that was special to the harvest festival and to set their own tradition. So we have the beautiful bird thawing – sweet thing, she was my pick. My youngest picked Shrimp Cocktail and plans to marry a Shrimp farmer she says so she will never be without shrimps. My Son picked MacNCheese that he will make with his father and use more cheese than humans should eat in a year and teenPM wants an assortment of Pie in honor of the Goddess – so chocolates and fruited pies it is topped with glorious homemade whipped cream.

We are into canning and stocking up for winter so we are able to do the fruits but if we were to stick with what is seasonal I am afraid my kids would be on an ice diet with some rabbit and squirrel. Again I am amazed at the women of the past, when in the winter everyday was a snowday.
We decorated the tree – which we bought at Walmart two days ago knowing that this year we will not be able to get to the tree farm once this storm settles in for the weekend. It was 13.dollars and I think it is beautiful and in no way think I am selling out to Walmart and its ever increasing grasp around the neck of the american consumer. They were from a local farm and quite lovely. Though filling up the stockings with garbage from China that is probalbly painted with lead paint by children is not going to happen. I will celebrate Sams original mission and hope with this tree.
It is snowing now still. Ten inches since last night midnight but it seems like a lot more.
We have watched Christmas Movies while we decorate and cook – me the chicken soup and stuff and the kids cookies. The Little Drummer Boy, Santa Came to town, Polar Express, and now the Grinch with Jim Carrey which has them hypnotised. Nightmare before Xmas is next and then the Nutcracker. A Christmas Carol marathon of every version will be on the agenda for tonight. Princess Mononoke (which is what I call my teen) is off with her teengirl gamer nerd friends playing Left for Dead and Halo singing Xmas songs and freezing on their errand to the post office for me in exchange for an early solstice present (Left for dead ho-ho happy zombie game and latte money). I think the Hogfather might actually be next before Nightmare. I love its sardonic British humor.
I wish you and yours a Happy Merry Solstice and the magic that it brings. Remember the light is coming. Dance around your tree if you can. We like to put it out a bit from the wall for just such an occasion should the mood strike. Dog, cats, kids – it usually does.
It feels more Happy Holiday with a tree. “Sympathetic magic by the Pagans” Sheldon said  on “The Big Bang” how true, how true. It was lovely that this year my children who are all avid witches and wizards ask about the symbolism of the tree and how it is conncected to Jesus and Mary and the manger – in the desert. And the whole Jesus was Jewish are we celebrating Hannuka this year (why of course we can says I) I found some Dreidels and chocolate coins at the World Market. We have our advent calanders which mark the time till “Santas Birthday” according to the wee ones. We are learning about candle magic and incense and Frankincense and Muir. The three wise men – obviously magic men are of great interest to my children. Persian Maji and Asian Sorcercers who knew about Astronomy – whats not to like for young witches and wizards? A Miracle Birth of a baby protected by its devoted family, Mary the Virgin symbol of the Goddess across so much time – letting us Witches worship her in all her glory unscathed. I love this season as much as Easter and enjoy the rest of the world sharing in hope and love and family – as much as they are enjoying the myths created by Coca-Cola and Macys.
Everything is in a blanket of white and my heart and prayers of peace go out to the world and especially my sisters on the East Coast, may their bon fires light up the night and the season.

Peace on Earth and off as well.







For tommorows Film Festival A marathon of  Hayao Miyazaki of Studio Ghibli in honor of the Solstice.

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