Speaks volumes…

((I found this old draft in my dashboard and it just made me smile.. such a long time ago and such a long way to go.))

We have your Snow Bran, it arrived today about 2:00pm.

I do really like Michelle Obama, I was not sure at first – I saw her being interviewed and she complained about Mr. Obama leaving his socks on the floor, which as a wife and mom I can tell you is one of my pet-peeves. I am sure they will have someone to take care of that in the White House. I think their kids are just adorable.

Now here is the thing. Watch for the moment when his (Obama’s) hair goes totally grey because that is when the Security briefings will have included all the Outerspace Alien hordes that are seceretly feeding on our people in exchange for technology and he will have to deal. That’s why they (the presidents all get dogs).
Yep. It happens to all of them and you can pinpoint the exact moment. But they seem to get over it.
I can not even imagine having to hear all that stuff everyday. I bet they have really good coffee at the White House.

I am still freaked – just can not shake the weirded out feelings of the election. It seems a bit surreal.

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