Everyday is EarthDay…

Feels like it anyway, we have been celebrating Earth Day since the start of April and I really did for a moment just stop and realize that everyday should be Earth Day. *waves her hand in a royalish gesture towards the cats in the office as if they can bring this about..* – Neck deep in the whole royal wedding too so that was an interesting flavor this year to add to the whole Earth day obsessing.
The majority of this year has been in cleaning up, picking up, noticing trash and recycling. The wee ones are not so wee and are on the path of needing a bit more challenge in their celebrations and their awareness has just bloomed on how much waste and neglect and avarice there is in our world (still can’t seem to move them past the toss and drop stage where they are oblivious to socks, dishes and toys they strew all over but thats another story). We have a long day of nature walks, crafts and hopefully some sun in our lovely Wisconsin neck of the woods. I hope your Earth Day was filled with inspirations!

ACK and still fighting with the new Windows 8 which is like herding cats with the haneous compatibility viewer filter. I really wonder sometimes what Microsoft thinks about and if the heads of that company call up the people who package toys and anything from China, late at night and they all just lay in bed and laugh and giggle and speak in soft whispers about how fun it is to frack with people. I can totally see them doing just that.

This looks pretty neat for May… Is it already almost May? The time is going fast.

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  1. alwaysjan
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 10:14:38

    The other day I noticed some kids in first grade pulling the leaves off a small tree. When I told them they were hurting the tree, they informed me that the leaves were needed for an Earth Day project. Oh… We had Spring Break late this year and somehow with all the test prep to prepare for The Big One (and I’m not talking about an earthquake) Earth Day came and went. >sigh< I'm afraid I need the Earth to slow down, so there are more hours in a day.


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