~ Earth Day ~ save the planet.


Happy Earth Day. hope you get the chance to get out and spread the word on saving the planet.
Plant a garden, save some nature, recycle. Take a walk. it is a beautiful world out there.

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  1. alwaysjan
    Apr 22, 2009 @ 18:53:03

    I wished my husband a happy ED day, but he’s been watching too many TV ads lately and didn’t think that was anything to be happy about.

    We were working on making “landfills” today in class when i realized that I wasn’t even sure what was in the potting soil I bought for the project. We looked at the ingredients and then the kids sorted through it, sifting out the sand, and identifying just what this perlite stuff was. We never got to making our landfills cause they were too busy figuring out just what soil/dirt is made up of.

    My brother works in soil conservation in Michigan and it was on their site I leaned that it takes 1,000 years to create an inch of soil. I had the kids guess how long it took and the guesses ranged from 1 to ten years. One thousand years! – That’s like how old I am!


  2. Catherine Sherman
    Apr 30, 2009 @ 19:46:04

    A thousand years to make an inch of soil! I was hoping my compost heap would work faster than that. Great post. I love that frog photo. I wonder how frogs are doing these days. I’d heard that their numbers had seriously declined. They are hyper-sensitive to chemicals, etc., because of their absorbent skin.


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