Let’s see, Laundry day and kitchen day and Pizza for the kids when they get home from school. I really do not want to go outside it is cold, but I have some blankets to hang on the “solar dryer”


Catherine Sherman  inspired a memory in me today –  my first panoramic photograph. It was framed and hung in the Bottenfields antique shop. They were friends of the family and did not mind me standing there for hours (I was six) enchanted by the people being baptised in the San Antonio river. These were the days when you could let your child stand and stare at something for hours while you shopped the flea market, or at least it was “pressumed” to be okay.  saved2

I looked up Panoramic photos at the library of congress between them and the Smithsonian they are the largest purchasers of old photographs in the world. Their collections are huge and being digitalized (yeah).

Jan of reminded me that I have not been to The Horror Fatale‘s website in way to long. I am writing a (scary) story and wanted to not be to influenced by all the fantastic horror. I think it has worked.

I have been working on Green Party ecology classes for businesses and my lecture on Rain gardens, Childrens Ecology Pods and just Books and Books. Gardening and Writing on the burners. Spring Break and Easter are coming up and I am looking forward to the down time. The week of Earth Day is my busy time and I have lectures or events almost everyday.

I have been watching alot of envio media and am way behind in postings, journaling and sketching. I brought out my dream journal to record dreams but always forget to jot them down till to late.

Have been listening to The Soprano’s (crazy) and reality tv  on E and Bravo (sick) or Masterpiece theater (lovely) while I work and we watched City of Ember on Family movie night. I love NPR but have not set up a stereo situation yet to listen to it through out the house. This week.

It’s hovering at 39degrees outside. What I really want to do is take a nap (or direct) either or. I think I need the Fussfreewife

 Sounds like a little bit of heaven.


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  1. Catherine Sherman
    Apr 11, 2009 @ 08:26:44

    Thanks for the mention! You did a great job of scanning that baptism photo. I recently tried to scan old sepia family group photos, and I can’t get any detail. Maybe I should donate them to the Smithsonian or Library of Congress and have them digitize it, although I don’t want to part with old family photos. Thanks for the link to the Library of Congress.

    I’m with you on not wanting to go outside in the cold. The newspaper is lying there on the driveway. I guess it’s not tempting enough.

    I’m going to check out the fussfreewife site. Sounds interesting! I’d like to be free from fuss!


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