EMR exposure and brain danger. Do you hear me now?

I have thought about this for a long time. There is just way to much radiation and soon to be more with the digital upgrades and even more cell phone and radio waves flying throught the air. It’s a bit like teflon-how we all have traces of it in our blood now, even Natives in the Amazon.

If you can please keep these electronic devices away from your children and your own brain. Time will tell, but I think the bees have given us a bit of a clue. A child’s brain is still developing into it’s 20s. Just a thought today. I am not anti-technology but I find technology gone wild, without studied effects a bit troublesome. Aren’t you even the slightest bit curious why the Senate would not allow a delay in the transition to DTV?

My teen says she does not care and would risk the danger for technology, but that is a child’s way of  thinking. – They live for today mostly.  Our family does not use cell phones and will not in the future. We also unplug as much as possible anything electronic in the house. It is true though that more and more you can not find a place where you are immune to EMR exposure.

Remember…people back in the day thought that “coal” was an amazing thing that everyone should have burning in their homes. And that cigarettes and cocaine, opium and foot binding were fun/fashionable and even touted as medicinal. That Asbestos was a miraculous product we should coat every inch of our homes and schools with. Just because some one is selling a product that may seem useful in the short run does not mean the companies selling a “product care about you or your children. Please stop wandering around the market gabbing on your box really loud with your bluetooth – all of you crazies. Please do not drive while having a really great conversation about your lunch. Hands 10 and 2 please.

http://www.danger.com/ They do not even try to hide the research and the obvious “danger” of cell phone usage. You do the math.



Extra points if you are sporting a cute aluminum hat while reading this….please send me a picture.

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