Mothers of Organic (Fathers too but that would be FOO) Here is their website http://www.organicvalley.coop/farm-friends/moo/

I was Vegan for a very long time before moving to Wisconsin. Macrobiotic also but I love cheese and honey so back to Vegeterian it was. I do notice the difference in both energy and appearance (you seem pinker when you eat fish and chicken – mabey its all in my mind). I have several friends who will still not eat anything with eyes. I would love to say we never eat meat and only the healthiest of foods but in the Winter Wonderland the growing season is short and the fresh fruit and veggies at the market -while delicious- are sprayed with all kinds of chemicals and shipped from great distances (both a boon and a bane). The food from the heath food store is crazy expensive and don’t they know it. One thing I will not skimp on is the Organic Milk. Last summer we switched over for good. I was tired of the GMO reactions in my kids to the overly processed and messed with “milk products” being offered and kept noticing how when you left milk out for a few hours it turned a sort of grey green and lumpy. Organic milk does not do this. Do the milk experiment and see for yourself. GMOS or genetically modified milks are more for the benefit of the milk manufacturer than for the consumer. It is not that they are adding uber brain boosting ability chemicals they just want Bossy to pump out more milk. There are many brands of Organic Milk on the market and some stores are now offering their own brands. Just a heads up to you people out there – milk is in a lot of things so you have to read labels. Organic Cheese is best too.  Its all expensive but worth it in the end. I would love to hear from you if you do any milk experiments. We bought several brands as a science experiment over the summer – left them out for hours and then compared. I think we will do this again and take some pictures. Soy Milk is a good option too. The chocolate almost passes the taste test.

I just happened to see this a moment ago researching organics: http://www.tehrantimes.com/index_View.asp?code=186950  (Tehran Times)

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