Let there be light…


I am missing more than I could ever express – the Christmas tree lights. We took the tree down today and propped her up behind the kids club house and she is still so lovely. My neighbor won this round, I can still see their plastic gorgeous multi-colored lighted tree from the living room window. The hawks are cruising our yard on a daily basis and the tree will help the rabbits and small birds hide a bit from them. In the summer she will get moved to the compost. Now she is just splendid in her winter white coat as the snow drifts to cover her as the night and the cold settle in.

We took the decorations off more than a few days ago but the lights only came off this morning and I am longing for that blue and white floor to ceiling twinkle. The room feels empty without it. I miss the tree too. So what else is there to do but make a sculpture.

Along time ago I  hung lights from mywindows and in the corners of the room when I was young this was cheap and interesting art. I think a lot of people do this. I love driving around looking at the festive holiday lights and will even brave cold for it. I think that Tiffany glass has this magical quality. Trees and color but I have kids I need to put in piano and ballet and boxing lessons. Tiffany will have to wait. So I have begun an adventure to research organic light sculptures and I do not care one whit if it is useful. I need light and beauty. So here the search begins. 

Here’s what we have so far:


I like the shapes but I need more color and they look expensive. Green and I like the use of bamboo. My favorite is the rather industial hanging light. I love Mid-century modern Noguchi lamps, they are more than art or light they are butterfly wings but there is not enough shimmer and flicker of colored lights. http://akaristore.stores.yahoo.net/index.html

I may have found it in these LED designs http://lightenergystudio.com/ but I am thinking these would be best at my dream corporate offices. Expensive again. But getting closer. Gorgeous colors. I am not sure yet which way to go. http://lightenergystudio.com/LightingDesignsFrameset.htm You have to go see these sculptures. I am thinking I might just set up a few artificial trees (skinny country all year round style trees) and we can put the lights on whenever we are missing the season of lights. Mabey I will just hang lights from the corner of the room again.


Mommy’s lovely light monster.

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  1. alwaysjan
    Jan 19, 2009 @ 22:15:58

    I too miss the lights. When we lived in our old apartment, my husband strung white lights throughout the trees for a party, and we always turned them on for special occasions. I loved it when our Indian neighbors asked if we could turn them on one night for their Hindu Festival of Lights.

    We hung a string of lights outside on our patio (you can do that in SoCal and keep them up all year!) that I love. We also have a wire that goes from tree to tree on which we can hang this way-over-the-top chandelier a friend gave us. It reminds me of stories I read as a child where fairies light the way. 🙂

    And I like how you refer to your tree as “she.” I always make a point to thank my tree when I take it out each year. My sons think I’m crazy, but it comes naturally to me. I can’t help but think they they say the same thing – they just don’t say it aloud.


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