Goya’s Ghost and Wars.

Saw this movie the other day and I thought it was really done well. Natalie Portman is perhaps my favorite actress – she is smart, lovely and brave.  If you have not seen this movie rent it sometime – not for children at all fyi. Goya’s ghost 2006 Directed by Milos Forman. I found that every actor in the whole movie was strong and I am surprised that it was not more popular than it was. The subject matter perhaps is to frighteningly real for our time. Stellan Skarsgård was very strong as Goya.

The movie captured my attention because I have been thinking alot about the war – there are so many right now but the one between Israel and Palestine is so heart breaking. I have been thinking lately that it seems that the oppressed in our world eventualy become the oppressors and that in the future perhaps Native Americans and Witches are going to be a bit nasty to others. Perhaps not – but it seems historically that these things do happen.  The oppression that women have known has been covered in fiction by the movie Zardoz if you are looking at it from the angle of eventual oppression. We were discussing this last night over dinner. How sad we have not yet learned to evolve as a species towards a Utopian ideal or even just to stop killing each other over stupid things that will mean nothing when the Aliens get here and start the round-up. We are ill equipt to teach our children of the world how to handle and wage Peace. See what you can do about that on your end will you? I’ll work on it from this end.

Rent Zardoz too if you have not seen it. Quiet interesting, also not for kids.

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