Klaatu barada nikto

**Edit note** Just as we were getting ready to go we noticed the furnace did not seem to be working. Hubby checked the furnace , yep not on – hit the resent button on the old unit and gobs of BLACK foul smelling smoke filled our basement. Yuck! Now movie is off – heater answering service called and now I found out that we are in for some really Crappe weather , which is just so bizzare considering post from last night and the fact that all morning I was looking up survival cold weather proceedures for the possibility of loosing electricity in winter and all the Ice Storms blanketing the North causing wide spread outages. We have that here in Wisconsin too but I am not looking forward to it. We are breaking out the Sherpa Gear anyway for our Urban adventure. We did not notice the breakdown of the Furnace till it hit about 50 in the house- new cold weather conservation program and all that bit of bother. **

Calgary Harold Had a great article on Unicefs report on the state of Children in Canada, “Children are first and foremost their family’s concern, not the state’s.” quote from the article which walks the fence so delicately giving the double speak approval of Governments responsibility with the parents as the ultimate scapegoat. We face many of the same problems here in the states and here in Wisconsin the rash of accidental child deaths due to being left in childcare Vans is unacceptable. I would like to see in our lifetime a world wide movement towards protecting our futures greatest resource. The Children. I am a complete fascist and believe in a totalitarian state where the Mother State oversees the welfare of all her citizens. I think this can be done easily by using Robots.
Husband is taking me to see The Day the Earth Stood Still. I am getting ready for the coming salvation.

From what I understand these Aliens with the bug eyes are the semi-good guys, the Reptillian ones are the ones that capture people and breed them to eat. Then there are greys who know one knows yet what they are. Here is the the thing though. A recent mass sighting of “Dragon creatures” all over the world, underground. Even here where yesterday morning as we were going out on errands there was a horriable smell that was coming from underground Sewer gases – the explanation only the affected area was huge – crossing counties. I believe in Dragons, and aliens and things we can not see. It might seem silly to some, I am sure electricity and microbs were considered to be a lunatics imaginings at one time too. Just because you dont see something does not mean its not there. Have a lovely week.

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