68 degrees

It is freezing outside and inside too for that matter. Our old cottage has heating oil which is a nightmare of  $cost$ = so we have vowed to leave the thermostat at 68 which the little kids do not mind seeing that they are part polar bear. But the Teen was born in California and I am from San Antonio and we hate to be cold.  Dear Seraph is a native to these Northern climes and is happy putting on a hooded sweatshirt. The ice and snow….I love looking at it from the window but I am the Heat Miser and much prefer the warm 78 in the house (really about 73 is perfect) but I know it is wasteful and I am not putting those great knitted sweaters and long johns to good use. I know this will be better for the environment and our family budget but if I start to see my breath the deal if off. I have heard you will get used to it in about two weeks and that it is healthier for you body.

I am going all Matrix though and making everyone sleep with me so that I can use their energy to keep warm while we watch HogFather, which it so happens is one of our favorites at this season. My kids love the Hogfather but the white horse, Mr. Grim himself even better.

“Things just happen what the hell” Terry Pratchett, Hogfather

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