Friday – world animal day, circle of life…

I love Hippos and Polar bears and rabbits and just any animal really – they are such a gift and I wish we would stop destroying their land.

I want to see this baby Hippo all day long.

Here is my fav Polar Bear Zero at our Zoo – he was stuck in the moat for a time but they finally got him out before the cold weather set in. We need better habitats for animals – their cages all seem so Victorian and small. I wonder what the future of Zoos hold – seeing that the only place in a hundred years you will see a wild animal will be in a zoo.

Oh and dont forget the cute and endangered Otters.

And before we can fix all the animal problems we need to fix our homeless problem, some zoo animals have it better than a lot of the worlds homeless children, Mans inhumanity to man and all that. Do what you can, you are the change you want to see. What a perfect time to clean out your pantry or buy an extra box of macncheese and drop it in the bin. Be creative and pass it forward. Your it.