Islamic Force Time Zone…

Its like they knew what is coming. I suppose it is pretty obvious to people who study World History and The Tides of War.
Incuding War on the Planet.

I miss the days of Main Stream Politically Meanigful music – I do not think songs about “hooking up” in bars and leading the gangsta Hollywood lifestyle
are going to live for very long.
But who knows – music is such a subjective thing. Like the sense of smell – certain sents, certain smells can take us back instantly to our childhood and times of
great rememberance.
I imagine though that those Universally themed sense memories – cut grass, cookies baking, Holiday music and the things that made us dance or cry
will be the things that last a hundred years.
U2 is still plugging away but I really could not think of anyone else. Oldest daughter informs me we are now going to listen to some Keane – ColdPlay and some Elton John and the Gorillaz and DBSK.

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