Twilight time…


We played hooky – teenage daughter and I yesterday to see Twilight at the first showing in the morning, neither of us willing or wanting to brave the midnight showing. It was pretty good. Sweet. Very sweet. It was refreshing to see a movie with no cursing or gratuitous sex for sexs sake. There was plenty of romance and tension and adventure and lovely scenery. Bella was a little stiff in my mind but I am sure will get better. Loved the Cullens, loved loved loved Victoria. James – stiff and a bit hokey. Edward was perfect though in the beginning I found him a little to much with the intense acting (like he was smelling something bad the Actors Studio used to call it). I thought it was just perfect for what it was. A lovely teen movie that moms can go with their daughters and be comfortable and relaxed and talk about how Edward was the perfect boyfriend because he puts Bella’s feelings first.
Yep. It was a bit of allright. Its nice to be able to go to a movie that has some class and realizes that not everyone has a super obsession with crazy bad language and that people do not have to be naked to show the relationship. (Lord of the Rings). I always thought it was pretty poor writing actually to include sex scenes. Filler for stupid people who cant write dialogue or whose protagonist has the witt of a rock. True Blood is an exception but notice how the sex scenes are dwindeling now that they have “captured” their audience. It is the same with almost every cable series – except Californication and that title and its sexaddicted star pretty much says it all. That show just bothers me – so back to Twilight. Daughter loved it. Loved Edward since he was Cedric in Harry Potter. There is a great debate now between us. She much prefers the Twilight series, I much prefer Harry Potter. No contest in my mind. The tree climbing scenes just do not suspend my disbelief. And cool as Victoria is she is no Voldemort. Come on like a bunch of hunters would not know a human was right there not three feet from them -its underworld and the train all over. No way.

There is just so much more acting in HP. Both of these movies though are a lesson in family entertainment and where we should really be putting our Movie Money.
When I worked for Universal Lew Wasserman said to Casey Silver right in front of me about casting a certain actress “Well…would you want to fuck her?” I was stunned. Stunned with that attitude till Michelle (my other boss) whispered in my ear “they say that towards the men too sometimes”. Still.
I remembered thinking. I would prefer they were really good actors and cast for that.

Well the Twilight gang is sweet and there is great potential there. The teenage girls are just Titanic-ing all over again. Good for Edward he will be a star. Mabey in the future some President of the Studio will say “Would you want to have him/her as your soul mate forever?”.

Here is a great Twilight Character Guide

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