Obey me and live…

Oh now I can not stop thinking about this – thanks alot MD… I have always wanted to do the remake of this movie. It would just rock so big. Now it can be done with so much more content and a whole webpage for World Control. I love the whole tying programs (Hero’s, TrueBlood, Harry Potter) to the net – books, movies, TV, Radio, phones….its everywhere. You will not be able to unplug at some point soon.
It occurs to me at some point we won’t even see the President himself just his virtual representation on the video feeds. What more could Robot overlords want? This stuff just writes itself.
The trilogy of books (DF Jones author and out of print the lot of them) are amazing. My favorite being Colossus and the Crab oh they are just so worth finding if you can. I hear Ron Howard optioned the rights awhile ago…we’ll see.

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