Stroll down memory lane….

I was thinking about High School and the Zodiac killer after seeing Zodiac and Iron Man this weekend. Robert Downey Jr. is in everything isnt he?

I went to high school in Redono Beach California and back in the day my friends and I would actually hitch-hike along PCH and were tremendously clueless as to how dangerous this was. Seriously. I would even hitch-hike by myself if I was runnning late for class. Never thinking twice about jumping into the back of some stranger’s van or with some pot smoking dude in a convertible. I was all about getting to school and looking at the ocean. I had no idea at this time that there was such a thing as the Zodiac or Manson or Creepy peds – ax murders or monsters.  My parents were to my teenage mind the monsters and truly looking back – I am surprised that people would even have picked me up as a hitchhiker – I was fresh faced and lovely as a teen – who isnt in all that youth and innocence, but there was definatly a dark vibe. I am not a lucky person, not by a longshot but looking back… wow. I was a bit of a trouble maker, mabey that shows up close.

By the time this Bahaus was so fabulously poular with the goth-artsy types I was going to Uni in San Antonio and partying it up dancing at midnight at the Bonheim exchange with Daveed and Lydia and Philip and Mike, Lisa and Eden and Bobby. I miss those days of all night dancing and great great music with poetic lyrics and creepy instrumentals.

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