Messy morning.


Cannot find the camera but leave it to say this…

Two little kids – a Jug of Milk, Can of ovaltine (Brand new) and two tiny batman glasses.

“Mom taste our chocolate milk” I look up from my work and they are covered…covered in a thick chocolate mess. oh…. no…. their giant kitchen spoons just dripping.    Everywhere.

I run to the kitchen and there it is a giant ovaltine dust mess with a trail leading into the living room Sponge Bob Party. Oblivious kids singing and dancing.

3/4 of the Ovaltine has been packed into two tiny glasses. It has somehow turned into a syrup – thick and chocolaty and they are covered with it.

Ovaltine and Milk put up out of reach – children given hot cloths to clean up the mess…oh the mess….me mumbling down the hall – three spoonfuls not 53…. Children now cleaning their rooms. Needful things on Scifi is now the Party background sound.

oh the horror.

the horror.

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