Little rituals

I have little rituals that I do after big political things and changes of season and such.
I grew up with Army men as toys and tales of WW2 and Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
I was in absolute terror of Nukes and Zombies till I was 20. So in the fall after cleaning and talks of a new government – I like to do my Nuclear Blast Damage shopping and be Ready .

Plan the holiday meals and make some crafts. 

This year I think I will include some Astronaut food.

I have never mentioned to any of my children that Nuclear Bombs and Wars where your face could melt might happen here. They think Wars are fought with guns or small explosives or pricing commodities out of reach of the consumer. On far away shores of History or other continents.
Nope – let them dream happy sweet dreams.


But they do know about the Zombies.


My brother used to keep me out of his room because he had a movie poster of Dawn of the Dead on his closed and locked door. Terrifying.

I am going to go look for that poster. Hope your day is Zombie – Bomb free.

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