Greens in the news.

The Onion – I was wondering what they had to say.

I am still waiting for the breakdown of who won what where in our Green World. It is a tiny trickle – a stream that someday will become a torrent.

What could we have done for our world with a billion dollars?

So the message I got – mabey it is just me – if you are attractive and rich you can do anything. I know I know – I say it to the kids all the time – “You can be anything you want to be, do anything you want to do, with a lot of hardwork.” Still, if he (BO) were not attractive, young and a rainmaker then where would we be? It is what it is. I look forward to our Green Party getting on board with this – we have to have some hunky 35 year old Greens willing to work it for the cause. Would help if he is an investment banker or lawyer too. Sorry Ralph and Cynthia. Mabey a Fireman, I always liked Firemen…(only if he had Noam or Carl’s brains).



The US is just not ready for a woman pres. yet or I would have fancied about our Green Gal candidate too. Okay I would rather have substance and smarts and integrity – no slaves to the machine thank you.

In the Green News:

Cynthia McKinney thanks Noam Chomsky for endorsement
Cynthia McKinney today expressed her appreciation for the support of Professor Noam Chomsky, noted linguist tenured at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In private emails with campaign supporters this week, the respected social critic noted that he had voted Green in 2004, and would be voting for the party ticket next Tuesday, as well.

Cynthia McKinney & Rosa Clemente represent the kind of politics we all need to see in our own countries
I read the other day that Toni Morrison will be voting for Obama. A couple of weeks ago it was Alice Walker writing what I described as “driveling bullshit.” and one more example of the mainstreaming of the progressives – Rosa Clemente has a more definitive list here. Obama talks about bringing “fundamental change” but the only fundamental change is his colour and when one looks more closely even his colour is not that fundamental after all. Obama is intrinsically tied to the mainstream, pro-Zionist war mongering American superstructure. Though disappointing it is not so surprising that so many millions all over the world have been drawn in by Obama who panders to black and white notions of a “post racial” America and world. An imaginary world of convenience particularly for the millions of white people who will vote him into the White House.

I have not given up on hope. Reading some of the blogs that I love to wander through – most of them Obama supporters – I have hope in these people and many people like them that they will be the change we want in the world. They must be. I have hope in them.

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