To the moon Alice.

Whoever wins today please please put more into the space program and deep ocean research. Environmental programs, education and ending hunger.
Fund the Solar Space power station and the Creation Water technologies program. Just a thought.

So mote it be.

Endeavour Mission and amazing Nasa images
My favorite astronaut is going up next week. Magnus.
How cool is their STS-126 patch. I love the design.


Oh and please stop the human/animal cloning thing – it is getting pretty creepy out there, cybrids ? I mean really – theraputic cloning is one thing – Island of Dr. Moreau is another. Baa.


Okay but my eight little boys dont count. No animal products were used in the making of this future baseball team.

Proud to be an American.

US Citizenship flash cards




I have been getting about 5 phone calls a day from the robots telling me why I should vote for their human slave. Today I received a call from a nice older woman, republican. I informed her I was a Green Party gal and thank you. She said, “well it is just important to vote, no matter who you vote for.” I said, “you got that right sister, there was a long time where us women did not get to vote – so you go girl and call those people.” We both said “Good Luck” and I was left with a really warm votey feeling. Even if the illusion is not constant it is nice to think we have rights, freedoms and choices.

Good Luck to you too.

I have been thinking of making magnets of these.