I am making a crafty web journal – I want to keep my politicalish and crypto-zoology book stuff seperate from the pure crafty goodness.  I just want to keep the two seperate so as to have more freedom in my crafty life – I can have rants that last for weeks – such is the state of the world eh? – I am going to strive to not “stray off the path” as Grandma says and keep to the warm light of the crafty forrest.  I am sure the two worlds will merge but I have about four book  and art journals that I keep so whats a few more.  So have been busy.  I have however given up making all the paper myself. for the many scrapbooks and journals.

Having a redo for all the rooms also. Cold weather changes everything and we need more room for the holidays.
My fabric area has encroached to far into the spaces where we live so it will be time for a bit of indoor weeding. Hope you have a lovely week. Halloween is Friday. The year went by so fast.

Okay time to clean the kitchen and make soup.

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