The Fall clean continues…

I have to start this out by saying Mrs. Meyers and her Lavender cleaner has the most calming and loving affect on our household. It is my absolute favorite product with Borax and white vinegar coming in second. and now…Mrs.Meyers has a website The peppermint soap and soy candles look amazing.

This is a checklist I got from Real several years ago and still use. Though it is Spring in half the world I think you can use this list any change of season. Please note – we do not have a chandelier but I leave it in because someday I will visit that Paris market or that Shabby Chic Estate/Hotel sale.

Because of the coming snows yard clean up is still very much the issue as well and now I wish I had started two months ago like my older and wiser neighbors. I am sad to see the garden go.

Fall is a good time to give your home a thorough cleaning.  With the holidays approaching, you may have family coming to visit or parties to host.  A deep fall cleaning gets your home ready for the holidays and company.

Getting started
Before you begin cleaning your home, do a little preparation.  First, have a plan.  Make a list of everything that you want to accomplish.  If your cleaning is going to take more than a day, create a timeframe.  You will also want to gather your supplies before you begin.  Try to have on hand the following: 

  • garbage bags for throwing away as much as you can as you clean((recycle-freecycle give away – purge)),
  • gloves to protect your hands,
  • a good duster,
  • white vinegar for cleaning most surfaces as well as mirrors and windows,
  • lemon juice to remove stains from counters and to use as a disinfectant,
  • baking soda for cleaning and scrubbing down your sinks, tubs, and toilets,
  • club soda to remove stains in carpet and upholstery,
  • distilled water to clean leather furniture, or
  • your own favorite cleaning products.

Quarterly tasks 

  • Wash down the baseboards and moldings.
  • Clean the exterior of all of your cabinetry.
  • Wash the porches and exterior doors with an attachment on your water hose.

Fall tasks
Because of holiday preparations, it makes sense to make certain tasks a part of your fall cleaning regimen. 

  • Clean the carpets.  Nothing makes a home look better than freshly cleaned carpets.  And, if you are worried about your niece spilling cherry pie on your freshly cleaned carpets, find a company that will come back within a specific timeframe to remove stains.
  • Clean the chandeliers and light fixtures.  Leave the chandelier in place to gently wash it – just place a towel below it to protect the furniture.  Remove the light globes from the other light fixtures and soak them for cleaning.  Wash the porch lights, too.
  • Clean the attic.  If you keep decorations in the attic, fall is a great time to clean it out.  Toss any junk that has migrated up there.  Also, vacuum it out by starting at the ceiling and working your way down (wear a mask).  This can improve the air quality in your home.
  • Your kitchen is going to work overtime during the holidays.  Prepare it by cleaning the oven and range.  Also, clean out the refrigerator and freezer to make room for all of those leftovers.
  • Be sure all of the silver is polished and ready to be used. ((uhmmm put this on the list for the Paris shopping spree as well))
  • Clean out the gutters when the leaves are through falling.
  • Clean all the bird feeders with gentle soapy water and give them a good scrub inside. Store the bird seed in tight containers in the garage (or under the sink) for filling up the feeders and making bird seed ornaments in the winter (( I added that one))

Fall is a busy time, but you won’t regret taking the time for a deep cleaning for your home.  Giving your home a deep cleaning can help it to look its best for the upcoming holidays.

Good time to go Green with the kids if you haven’t already – Martha’s Green List starter pdf

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