It’s a train wreck…can’t look away…

I haven’t remembered the codes for html links and junk – might learn all that today, there is a rain delay on my winter preparing plans.

But here you go – details on new campaign tactics

all having to do with the Obama campaign advertising on the new “Burnout Paradise Xbox 360 game for Electronic Arts – quite the Big Brotherish move. I am a bit weirded out by the Warhol meets Russian Propaganda posters too.

In Fairness I wanted to add McCain camp posters as well but have not really seen any. I had to look them up because I am not seeing them placed subliminally all over the place in every nook and cranny of pop culture or mainstream day to day, and there are NONE for the Green Party that I could find except for European GP Pops and I am a GP member – we have no outstanding Art work or Propaganda posters at all..Seriously bad news for the old GP – Propaganda and Posters are the keystone of a successful campaign. Note that for all the would be Power People. Good Posters = Good chance for your placement into public office. Preferably pictures of yourself looking very leaderly and Father/Motherish and all knowing and benevolent. Remember for next time Green Party, mabey we can have a national contest for best Eco Warrior poster. Sorry Cynthia it did not occur to me till just now that we could have won with the right poster.

Okay so here are some MCCain posters too – all equally as disturbing to me as Obama’s, there are more shirts on Cafe express that will make you laugh out loud than there is time to post.

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