Cold season checklist:

Electric Blankets – purchased from Amazon I would not recommend this as each one did not work. – Sent back need to get new ones. Big drag.

Put garden to bed. Leaf raking will happen this weekend with kids – jump in piles then compost. Plan next years garden.

Gather goods for wellness baskets for cold and flue season consisting of : Dried Ginger, sage, dried pumpkin blossoms, mint and tomato leaves. Dry on screen in dark room two days then wrap litely in hankerchief or linen – tie with rope and store in linen closet for bath infusions.  I have been reading about folk remedies lately and will give this a whirl this season.

I am allergic to the great piles of leaves so will need to drink large qualities of coffee.

Get out all the throw rugs for fall/wintery messes.

Find the gloves and hats and boots.

Finish tree background painting.

Make grocery list of soup fixings to last the winter.

Watch Lord of the Rings trilogy the next few days while I do all the above.

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