“Scurvy little spiders”

The Potter’s of the world are running it – slowly into the ground…and I don’t mean Harry.

 “We don’t need Potter over here” George tells the crowd in IAWL (It’s a Wonderful life) and in the movie the old white dude geezers panic like nobodies business. “Potter isn’t selling, Potter is buying.” It’s insane how Life can immitate life – Art Life. Resisting the natural tendencie to greed is one of the most difficult to resist. We have grown up delusional in a bubble of credit we are Uncle Billying about trying to remember why we have tied those strings around our fingers. Oh. That’s right don’t spend money I don’t have yet. 

Kids to put through college – rising prices of everything. The man still smiling sending you those credit applications in the mail. Don’t buy into it. This will continue to happen – getting worse each time every twenty years till the Potter’s of the world…those “scurvy little spiders” own everything and George is off the bridge. Somehow I know Clarence will save us all but there is only so much Rum punch to go around.

Just save your money.

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