It was a beautiful cloudy day on the lake.

Overcast and dark, the leaves gold and red. The breezes still warm but aching for the coming cold. I met my new friends at Beautiful Day Cafe down by the lake.

“Do you believe in reptoids? Aztec prophets warned that dragons& serpent-gods will arrive as the messengers of terror.What do you think about Aliens?”

This the first 10 seconds of sitting down. I had not even taken off my bag/purse yet.

“You know I am writing a children’s book right?” I say very matter of fact trying not to offend or seem snipish.


“Okay- yes I do believe in reptoids – I think that they are in warmer climates than the Midwest however – too much Radon in our water. Yes I believe in Aliens and you do not even want to get me started on that. I also in fact believe in the Pewaukee Lake monster (the subject of my book and this interview/lunch) and yes I believe in the Werewolf of Holy Hill, Chupacabra and Fairies and I am open to talking about Zombies – though they terrify me. ” I say this fast without making to much eye contact stopping only to drink my coffee after my Zombie fear confession. Smiles. I was relieved to see the group smiling. I could relax now. Eye contact made.

I was in good form today and the Cafe not to crowded. I am glad they did not sell it. I think that sometimes there are more bizarre stories in the world than there is time to tell them. “So… ” the fair haired older woman says – (we’ll call her Bridget in the future – she is their leader)  “So you are writing a children’s book about the Lake monster. ”

Nodding – drinking. “Yes, I think that it is a fun and natural way to share science and the history of this region with the 5- 10yo crowd.” I share. This is met with (delightfully) nods and acceptance from my luncheon companions, members of a crypto zoo-ology club that meets here in Wisconsin and that travels around hunting weird and unexplained phenomena and creatures.

X-files they are not. More like Happy Days, Rosanne and Night Stalker characters. Very serious. Good information and open to new ideas. Lots of Gardening and Vet stories.  A few of the guys are a bit Deer Hunterish in that you can tell they are in this to bag a trophy. I like this group and much like the Antiquers down at the Village museum who know everything and everybody in our little hamlet, I will learn a lot from these people.

Just thought I would share something of my day other than my constant social political rantings of late and the constant guilt at being in the first world (makes me laugh every time I read that about America though)  You don’t hear boo about Native Americans on the radar, less every year unless it has to do with Casinos and Gaming. Keeping our legends and stories alive though will help. Stories will be told.

I’ll have to remember to ask the group next time if they believe in the Manido or the Windigo or even the Green Lady.

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