Financial crisis.

“”We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty.””
— Benito Mussolini

I’m telling you…if we would just get rid of money and live the Star Trek way what with credits and all your housing and food paid for by the “State” aka Federation – Not withstanding the values of Gold pressed latinum which is the closest thing to a formal currency, but the whole system seems to basically be based on a work ethic and a simple way of life – more organic housing and replicated food formed from proteins. Bartering goods and services with the Federation as middle man. The sharing of world resources and a communal “One Universe” type of approach.  Mabey this is the good that comes from Alien Contact – though I am still convinced Aliens only see us humans as Free Range Chicken and that they grow and harvest us like cattle. Thats why we are all getting so fat and weak.

Wake up people!! Even if its not Aliens just put Financial Sector in there and same thing. Fatten us up to eat us. Dont give them a penny, Save Manufacturing instead and lets start building solar powered everthing and envio safe bullet trains.Wear Organic silver jumpsuits and all eat pumpkin banana bread made from our protein replicators. Put the cell phones down and text to your mind that we are being bamboozeled. Fools.

And no I (we) do not need the latest Sex and the City DVD though my primative lizard marketing slave brain thinks it does.

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