“hunker down”

from Yahoo news – this rather tickled me. Go Speed yall – If it aint hurricanes, earthquakes or mudslides its bizzards or droughts…either way Gods speed what ever that is eh?

Emory Sallie, 44, of Galveston, said he had braved storms in the past and didn’t think Ike would be any different. He didn’t believe the dire warnings — he was more worried about the wind, not the flooding.

“If the island is going to disappear it has to be a tsunami,” he said, as he walked along the block where his home is located, drinking a beer and smoking a cigarette. “If it ain’t your time you ain’t going anywhere.”

In Surfside Beach, a small coastal town of about 805, water was already knee-deep in the streets and skies were growing increasingly dark. Police were going around in a dump truck trying to get holdouts to evacuate while there was still time. The police chief asked one stubborn couple to write their names and Social Security numbers on their forearms in black magic marker “in case something bad were to happen.” They soon changed their minds, and police were wading an aluminum boat through floodwaters to rescue them.


Coast Guard, Firepeople, Police – we have some brave good people in the world.

Hunker down Texas. Heres the full story http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080912/ap_on_re_us/ike

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