Crazy ass scientist at it again…


Opened the portals today at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Switzerland and so far so good. Nothing un-natural that we can detect has come from CERN yet. Yet. Partical detectors are all well and good but how many times has Earth been at the mercy of Scientist who go about doing things that could effect the whole world and yet do not take the time to take a vote and see if the other billion of us want or actually need to re-create the beginning of the Universe in a box. Space between Spaces and Black Matter – we could very well be ringing the doorbell of the slumbering Old Ones ala call of Cthulhu or mabey Yog answers the door and here we are off on a tangent of Destruction that totally does not fit into my day. I myself want Scientist children and they are to me the Rock Stars and the Poets of our age. But responsible Science – feeding people, alternative non-nuclear energy – opening the mysteries of Botany, saving the environment- that sort of thing. I dont give a fig what happened at the beginning. I think they are playing at being God. That said – I am not a dream squasher so …. well… I would say over a cup of tea with mothers whose children are working at CERN – so….Little Billie has been working really hard. You must be so proud he’s such a good boy. “yes, yes” she says. its so nice that he enjoys his work. 

I did not expect a black hole today at the beginning of this bang experiement – more of  a Dr. Who type opening of the Portals of not so nice Angels. Silly humans always going for that forbidden fruit – hand in the cookie jar and all that. Well on this side of the Pond we are wrapping ourselves in Black matter duct taping the windows and hoping for the best. Portal opening should be going on for about a week. I bet that CERNs would be surprised to know there are private facilities here in the States matching them step by step just for the fun of it to see what happens. Again – crazy scientists.

I just hope there are no drunk teenagers making out in cars at their facilities at night….You know where that will lead.

I watched with interest the Texas partical programs at A & M and in the private sector when I was young. This is nothing new but very hush hush here in the States. They dont really advertise it like the EUC – I dont think they need the funding.  More Sinisters than Ministers.  Remember, its never the stuff you hear that’s the real worry eh?

I think I will watch Fifth Element today while I work.

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